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Thu, 01/03/2018 - 10:13 -- James Oakley
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This blog is a whole mix of stuff. They say that, to attract a solid blog following, you need to have a particular target audience in mind, and a particular reason for publishing everything that goes up, then consistently and regularly deliver that kind of content.

Well, blow that for a laugh. This blog serves a number of purposes:

  • It's a commonplace book. I put things on here so that I can find them again myself later, but only when I don't mind sharing my jottings with others.
  • It's a self-published location where I can share various thoughts that I may have, where I suspect that someone else somewhere in the world may be interested.
  • It's a way to start discussion, if there's something I could post that might usefully promote one. Social media can work well for that, but often I like the idea of being fully self-hosted, and where I dislike the idea that everything has moved off timeline once it's a week old.
  • It's a way to log things that may be highly specialist, but that people are likely to be searching for. If I've been looking for some information, and failed to find it, when I've figured out the answer let's put something where the search engines will find it.

As a result, this blog covers disparate topics, united only by the fact that they interest me and fit these various reasons for posting. You'll find posts here covering the Bible and Christian theology, church leadership, consumer affairs, IT and technology, coffee, and other miscellaneous one-offs.

On the site front-page, I keep a list of the three most recent, and the three most popular, blog-posts. That doesn't update automatically, so I periodically look at the analytics to see which posts have been the most popular, usually over the past year. Because the blog is such a mix-match, so are the popular posts. It interests me to see what, of all the things I publish, people most come back and read.

More for my own interest than anyone else's, here are the 10 most popularly viewed posts in the past 12 months (many of which were published longer ago, but remain popular):

  1. Which Parish Do I Live In? Which Parish Do I Live In?
  2. Death Is Not Nothing Death is Not Nothing
  3.  Insert New Line / Line Break in Microsoft Word using VBA How To: Insert New Line / Line Break in Microsoft Word using VBA
  4.  use of REX.w is meaningless" Solving the error: "ANOMALY: use of REX.w is meaningless"
  5.  Personal Reflections ACNA Consecration of Andy Lines: Personal Reflections
  6. Preventing Schism in the Church of England Preventing Schism in the Church of England
  7. Don't Buy Games from Nintendo eShop Don't Buy Games from Nintendo eShop
  8. Why no children in church? Why no children in church?
  9. Beware of Advent Books Beware of Advent Books
  10. Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device - Try the Task Manager Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device - Try the Task Manager

Thank you to everyone who's dipped in and out of any of this, and especially to those who have commented and engaged. I'm glad this is useful to some of you.

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