Lord's Supper

Thu, 14/10/2010 - 09:44 -- James Oakley

The Lord's Supper is the world in miniature; it has cosmic significance. Within it we find clues to the meaning of all creation and all history, to the nature of God and the nature of man, to the mystery of the world, which is Christ. It is not confined to the first day, for its power fills seven. Though the table stands at the center, its effects stretch out to the four corners of the earth. (Leithart, Blessed are the Hungry, page 11)

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Church policy on paedocommunion

Wed, 29/08/2007 - 16:28 -- James Oakley

Thanks to Neil Robbie for pointing me to this one.

How do you come up with a policy for a church on paedocommunion that allows for:

  • difference of opinion on the issue, and
  • clarity on how responsibility and government are apportioned between church and family?

Well, Neil pointed me to the policy adopted by Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birming ham, Alabama. Very helpful indeed.

Reformed is Not Enough - part III: Sacraments and Sacerdotalism

Wed, 29/08/2007 - 16:10 -- James Oakley

Sacerdotalism is not a view that the sacraments do something. Rather it is

“the belief that grace is imparted in a mechanical or magical fashion through the instrumentality of the sacraments. In other words, the sacraments dispense grace ex opere operato, the way a hot iron burns.” (Page 85)

We deceive ourselves if we think we can do without the sacraments altogether.

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The real presence

Thu, 26/10/2006 - 23:07 -- James Oakley

Thanks to Marc Lloyd for this one.

Doug Wilson is very helpful in articulating with clarity a Calvinist view of the Lord's Supper.

In a nutshell: Are the bread and wine that we share just bread and wine? His answer is: Yes... In the same sense in which the words on the page of the Bible are just words on a page.

The comments beneath his post are as worth reading as the post itself, because they clarify precisely what he is and is not saying.

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"If you, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children..."

Mon, 18/09/2006 - 13:20 -- James Oakley

I've just stumbled across this article on paedocommunion.

So, to remind me where to find it in future, I've put a link to it here. Excellent.

(Given he mentions post-mill, presumably if I come back far enough into the future, I will see Bible-teaching churches across the UK that welcome children in this way).

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Election and the covenant / Creature and creator

Fri, 15/09/2006 - 09:55 -- James Oakley

Extremely helpful quotation.

(OK, I can't resist writing this: James reads David who quotes Barb listening to Lusk quoting Leithart)

In particular, I've never before seen the conceptual link between the covenant community / elect distinction and the creature / creator distinction. Thanks David for fishing these things out for us.

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