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Posted: 11 hours 31 min ago

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the bestselling books ever written, never out of print since 1678. By way of brief background: It is written as though the narrator dreamt the story, and is an extended allegory of the Christian’s journey through life. The protagonist is called Christian (and all...Read more

Posted: 1 day 14 hours ago

Here's a simple tip, which may help some clergy looking to complete their tax returns.

Disclaimer : I am not an accountant, so this is not professional advice, merely a tip from a fellow traveller. Needless to say, you are responsible for the figures you put on your own annual returns.

A perennial frustration

There's a cycle that repeats each year...Read more

Posted: 3 days 17 hours ago

Here, once again, is David Gooding, in his book True to the Faith .

Read this slowly, let it sink in, and take time to enjoy the amazing mercy and grace of God shown that first Pentecost:

“If it is true that Jesus Christ was the Son of the Owner of the vineyard, and in addition Heir to the...Read more

Recent Sermons

Preached On: 18 Jun 2017

Heaven and earth revolve around Jesus. Life and death revolve around Jesus.

If you were here last time, we looked at these same verses in Acts, and I said two really quite shocking things about how central Jesus needs to be to life.

Number 1: Jesus does not call us to have him as a hobby or an interest, but to have our entire lives revolve around him, his priorities and his......

Preached On: 11 Jun 2017

We’ve just baptized Finlay. I don’t know what you make of baptism.

The Bible reading we had told the story of one of the biggest baptisms in history. About 3000 people, baptised on a single day. 3000. That’s most of the population of Kemsing. What could possibly make that number of people decide to be baptized on a single day?

Well, it was the result of a speech given by Simon.....

Preached On: 28 May 2017

We live in a broken society. A fragmented society. A scattered society.

Our relationships with each other are broken. Our relationship with God is broken.

Let me illustrate by listening in on the questions people have been asking since Tuesday’s bomb attack in Manchester.

“How could someone do that to their fellow human beings?” Our relationships with one another are......


A random sample from some of the people I read online, taken from the past 24 hours.

From the blog: Peter Leithart
23/06/2017 - 05:00

In Enneads 5.143, Plotinus reasons: “If the First is perfect, the most perfect of all, and the primal power, it must be the most powerful of all beings and the other powers must imitate it as far as they are able. . . . Fire warms, snow cools, and drugs act on something else in a way corresponding to their own nature—all imitating the First Principle as far as they are...

From the blog: Peter Leithart
23/06/2017 - 05:00

The loss of Aristotelian/Thomist teleological conceptions of reality is often cited as one of the significant shifts in the formation of modernity. It wasn't, however, a secularizing move. As David Hawkes points out ( Idols of the Marketplace ), Bacon saw the notion of a final cause as a species of idolatry. He opposed Aristotle for religious reasons.


From the blog: Peter Leithart
23/06/2017 - 05:00

Pagans called Zeus “Father,” but, according to Joseph Ratzinger ( The God of Jesus Christ ), “they meant that Zeus was like human fathers—sometimes really nice, when he was in a good mood, but ultimately an egotist, a tyrant, unpredictable, unfathomable, and dangerous. And this was how they experienced the dark power that ruled the world. . . . The ‘...

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