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Posted: 1 month 3 weeks ago
Tabgha, Sea of Galilee

On Tuesday, I posted some thoughts on why John records the miraculous catch of fish in John 21 .

Since writing that, I've continued to think, to read and to discuss with others. In the course of that, two other themes...Read more

Posted: 1 month 4 weeks ago
Tabgha, Sea of Galilee

This Sunday I'm preaching on John 21:1-14 , the miraculous catch of fish. I've been asking myself why this miracle is recorded in John's gospel. Here are some thoughts.

What's the Puzzle?

Here's why the question needs asking. The story is a miracle (the catch of fish), and a...Read more

Posted: 4 months 3 weeks ago

When you install a Drupal site, a settings.php file is created (either by you, or by the installer) to contain various settings specific to your site (such as database configuration, trusted hostnames, etc.). This is done by taking a copy of a file provided by Drupal core, default.settings.php , and adding or modifying the required lines.

As Drupal develops, additional features mean...Read more

Recent Sermons

Preached On: 28 Mar 2021

Perhaps like me you long for good times to return again: the opportunity to take a holiday whenever, wherever you wish; the opportunity to meet with friends, any number of people, indoors or outdoors; the opportunity to forget face masks, to sit closer than two meters to somebody from another household. Perhaps you long for good times to return.

If you do picture for a moment the Jews.....

Preached On: 13 Dec 2020

We’ve reached today the end of the book of the prophet Malachi, written about the year 400 b.c., two and a half thousand years ago. You will remember that the Malachi prophesied in the city of Jerusalem that had been rebuilt after the people had returned from their exile to Babylon. The temple and the city walls were rebuilt, but then nothing much had happened for over a hundred years, and the....

Preached On: 6 Dec 2020

Let me begin by asking you a question. What do you think being a Christian is like? On balance, when you weigh up the pros and cons, is it in your advantage to be a Christian? Is it a good thing or is it overall a bad thing to do?

I take it many of us here would say, most of us here would say, it’s a good thing. That’s probably why you’re here. But it’s worth asking the question. It’s.....


A random sample from some of the people I read online, taken from the past 24 hours.

From the blog: Adam Smith Institute
24/06/2021 - 11:30

Before capitalism, most of the global population were living in extreme poverty. From 90 percent in 1820, the rate has now fallen to 10 percent.

Most remarkably, since the end of communism in China and other countries in recent decades, poverty has declined faster than in any previous period in human history. 

Many people...

From the blog: Mises Institute
23/06/2021 - 20:00

[This article is excerpted from a talk given June 17, 2021, at the Mises Institute’s Medical Freedom Summit in Salem, New Hampshire.]

Ladies and gentlemen, why are we here today?

First, in a certain sense medicine in America is broken. Doctors and patients are unhappy, the quality of care deteriorates, and costs keep increasing. Even before covid, US life...

From the blog: Adam Smith Institute
24/06/2021 - 06:01

That folks don’t know about economics is fair enough - there are blindspots among economists about football, needlepoint, literature and how to get the tops off jars - but there do sometimes occur those moments where economists get told what they already know:

I am not an economist, but it seems to me that one way companies can end the labour shortage is by paying...

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