Spam overload: What countries?

Wed, 21/11/2012 - 11:23 -- James Oakley

I've posted a couple of times before about the Mollom service I use to filter comments and e-mails from this site for potential spam.

Lately, the spam on this site has gone just crazy. Happily, Mollom has caught it all - I've not had one get through.

Graph of Mollom data

In case you can't see the numbers on the graph, here's how it's gone:

  • 7th November = 337
  • 8th November = 261
  • 9th November = 407
  • 10th November = 242
  • 11th November = 299
  • 12th November = 742
  • 13th November = 1121
  • 14th November = 1457
  • 15th November = 2379
  • 16th November = 2801
  • 17th November = 1288
  • 18th November = 761
  • 19th November = 791
  • 20th November = 1262

That's 2801 spam comments per day at its peak. One every 30 seconds! In the old days, I used to rely on occasionally checking over the blog to see if anyone had left a spam comment. Then I installed a tweak that e-mails me if a comment is left so I can pick it up a bit quicker. Then I set Mollom to work, so that the spam gets filtered at source. If I had to remove 2800 comments each day using a manual process, I'd do nothing else!

So where do they all come from?

Well, what follows will be an approximation, as I've looked at the data for the past 4 days, and only looked into those computers (IP addresses) that spammed me 4 or more times. Between them, those IP addresses account for 3,157 spam attempts.

In order of prolificity, here is where those spammers were from:

  • China: 2708
  • Russia: 320
  • United States: 64
  • Ukraine: 24
  • Poland: 22
  • Canada: 8
  • Sweden: 7
  • Germany: 4

So there you have it. China and Russia between them account for 3,028 of those spam posts, which is 95.9% of the spam.

Mollom continues merrily stopping my spam. But I'm sorry if you visit me from China or Russia as a real human visitor. I'm going to block those two countries from Apache as way of trying to get this torrent of potential spam under control.

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Submitted by James Oakley on

So I blocked those two countries on Wednesday 21st. Here's how the few days following panned out.

  • 22nd November = 130
  • 23rd November = 76
  • 24th November = 80
  • 25th November = 119

That's a bit more like it.

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