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Perkins categories of hearer

Wed, 27/09/2006 - 16:28 -- James Oakley

I’m always trying to find these. So to save me hunting, I’ll put them somewhere.

(William Perkins, chapter 7 of The Art of Prophesying, entitled “Use and Application”)

What do I notice when I read what Perkins is actually saying (as opposed to what people imagine him to be saying)? He’s saying:

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At last, I can buy good Kenyan again

Wed, 27/09/2006 - 11:58 -- James Oakley

I’m delighted to see that Steve Leighton, proprietor of HasBean coffee has finally managed to find a Kenyan good enough to stock. He drinks Kenyan at home, and basically will not buy one unless it has such a “wow” factor that he can’t get over how good it is.

Well, there have been no Kenyan coffees at HasBean for some time – nothing up to Steve’s standards. But at last we can buy Kenya Ragati from him. Sounds good, and I trust him – but I’ll still buy a 250g bag of green to see what I think for myself.

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The Message of the Old Testament

Thu, 21/09/2006 - 15:14 -- James Oakley

I'm finishing off preparations for a training day I'm leading on Saturday, entitled "Preaching Christ from the Old Testament".

The bookstall arrived today. The good John Telford, manager of Wesley Owen on Wigmore Street in London, was tremendously helpful in recommending titles for me and finding ones that our local Christian bookshops said they wouldn't be able to sell. Thank you John, and an excellent parcel of books it is. Shame the Griedanus is temporally unavailable.

Anyway, why did I not know of Mark Dever's The Message of the Old Testament before now? It was only published in May, so fair enough. But Mark sets out, for each Old Testament book, to print a sermon on the entire book. A brave project, but oh so helpful. So thank you Mark Dever too.

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