Archbishop Okoh's Consecration Sermon

Wed, 05/07/2017 - 11:45 -- James Oakley
Archbishop Nicholas Okoh

Those who have read my reflections on the consecration of Andy Lines as a Bishop in ACNA will know that Archbishop Nicholas Okoh's sermon was a major encouragement to me.

In that post, I included some excerpts from that sermon.

It may be that some would like to listen to the whole sermon. So I've extracted the audio of just the Gospel reading (which was the text for the sermon) and the sermon itself, and saved it as an MP3 file to make it readily available.

Leaving aside the reading, and the opening and closing prayers, the sermon itself is 24:45 minutes long.

This is tremendously encouraging listening. It's an evangelistic charge to us all to take the good news of Jesus Christ out into all the world, coupled with the encouragement that God is with us as we go.

Listen in Browser

In most modern web browsers, you should see an audio player here to allow you to listen to the sermon in your web browser.

Download MP3 File

If the browser-based audio controls didn't work, or if you'd prefer to download to listen offline, here is a download link for the raw MP3 file:

Okoh_Matthew_28_16-20.mp3 (24.0 MB, 26:14)

The above recording is at high quality. For those of you on slower internet speeds who'd appreciate a smaller download, try this one — not as sharp, but still perfectly good enough to listen to:

Okoh_Matthew_28_16-20-smaller.mp3 (6.0 MB, 26:14)

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