A funny kind of shop

Thu, 28/02/2008 - 14:45 -- James Oakley

Imagine, if you will, that I start to run a coffee shop. Not one that sells cups of brewed coffee. One that sells packs of freshly roasted coffee beans, to be ground at home and turned into a cup of the very best.

Here’s the price label on a 250g bag of single-origin, know-the-farmer-personally, roasted-yesterday Guatemala.

“Price: £5.
For those who cannot afford £5, the price is £2.
Those who cannot afford £2 may pay £0.50.”

What a funny kind of shop I would be running.

Here’s the question, though: What conclusions would you draw, if you saw such a price label, about my intentions in selling this particular coffee?

I’ll post again tomorrow…

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i think that you are not too bothered about making money, and that you do not live near a university! surely you know that a student will get away with paying as little as possible!! I like it though.

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