At last, I can buy good Kenyan again

Wed, 27/09/2006 - 11:58 -- James Oakley

I’m delighted to see that Steve Leighton, proprietor of HasBean coffee has finally managed to find a Kenyan good enough to stock. He drinks Kenyan at home, and basically will not buy one unless it has such a “wow” factor that he can’t get over how good it is.

Well, there have been no Kenyan coffees at HasBean for some time – nothing up to Steve’s standards. But at last we can buy Kenya Ragati from him. Sounds good, and I trust him – but I’ll still buy a 250g bag of green to see what I think for myself.

Two words of caution:

1. I agree with him (and not everyone does at this point): Don’t put a good Kenyan into an espresso machine. If that is how you like coffee made, try the Brazilian Fazenda Cachoera for gorgeous caramel tones in the espresso / americano / latte that you make.

2. Really good Kenyan coffee has so much going on in the cup that if you’ve never bought freshly roasted before (Steve won’t send anything out that is over 48 hours old), you may find it a little overwhelming. By all means try the Ragati, but you may find the Cachoera more to your liking.

Either way, delivered for under £4.50 for a 500 gram bag, you can’t complain. No more expensive than some high street stores that sell “fresh-roasted” beans, a lot fresher, and more fussily chosen too. Try it!

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Welcome to the Brazilian Fazenda Cachoera fan club. One of my all timne favorties, great coffee. Thanks for the shout out :)

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