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Luke 17:37

Sat, 29/07/2006 - 22:45 -- James Oakley

Has anyone met a self-evidently correct explanation of Luke 17:37 that can cut through the pages of depate there are. I’m not overwhelmingly persuaded by anything I’ve met.

The two questions I’m left asking are

  • What does the proverb mean?
  • How does it fit into 20-36?
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Mark 5:1-20

Thu, 27/07/2006 - 12:59 -- James Oakley

I've often wondered why Jesus sent Legion into the herd of pigs. Lots of obvious things have come to mind for a while - it shows the size of the demonic force just defeated for one.

Thinking about the Exodus made me wonder. God destroyed the Egyptian army by plunging them into the sea in Exodus 14. Jesus destroyed a demonic army by plunging them into the sea in Mark 5. Co-incidence, or is Mark teaching us that because of Jesus' crucifixion those demons "whom you see today you shall never see again" (Exodus 14:13)?

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1 John 4:7-11

Mon, 24/07/2006 - 12:15 -- James Oakley

I’m preparing a sermon for a wedding on 1 John 4:7-11.

Having found a way of laying the text out in a way that I think is quite helpful, I thought I’d share it…

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