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Fri, 12/05/2023 - 17:09 -- James Oakley

This is one of those posts I'm putting here because I know I'll look for this again, and if it's on my own website I can search and find it quickly. It might also help someone else.

Tucked inside The BHS (Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia) is a small piece of paper, containing the Tabula Accentuum (table of accents). On one side is a list of the accents deployed by the Masoretes when annotating prose, and on the other side the ones they used when annotating poetry.

The accents are, in each case, split into two lists - disjunctive and conjunctive accents. Each list is in order, of how strongly disjunctive or conjunctive they are. When you're first starting out learning a bit of Hebrew, it's hard to imagine why you'd need that piece of paper. Eventually, you discover there is a use, but maybe by then you've lost your copy.

I still have my copy, but I sometimes want to refer to it without reaching for a physical copy of the Hebrew Bible, and I'm also aware I could misplace it at any time.

Happily, it's available online for free at

The copyright information on that page says that the copyright holder is happy for people to reproduce it, so I've also downloaded the PDF and attached it here.

Prose AccentsPoetry Accents

PDF of Tabula Accentuum96.6 KB
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Poetry Accents96.17 KB
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