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Mon, 20/08/2007 - 12:28 -- James Oakley

When I first posted about my new site layout it was a brief post because I simply needed to make the announcement.

I promised more explanation for those who were interested, so here it is.

Several blogs I read have recently moved themselves over to Wordpress, coming from a variety of platforms. Personally, I am more familiar with, and much prefer, Drupal. Wordpress is a blogging platform that is increasingly becoming versatile, whereas Drupal is a CMS that can also do blogging. I had been using MovableType, which is good as far as it goes. It is a blogging platform that can become a CMS with quite a bit of work, but I was finding it counter-intuitive. A platform designed from the ground up to be a CMS would definitely have its uses.

So it was time to move over to Drupal. Doing so makes it many times easier to keep non-blog content up to date – I no longer have to rely upon FTP to do this. In time, I’ll move all my non-blog online content over to my Drupal site, which will make maintenance and adding content a breeze.

To date, all that is here is my blog. I’ve added one new feature, which is an e-mail contact page. Previously, several people who didn’t know me had wanted to send me an e-mail and had navigated through to the St James Audley website and found the contact form there. Not elegant.

The plan, over time, is to add new things to this site. Needless to say, I’ll post in this blog to announce as I do so. Soon to come: A blogroll with a difference.

There — promise kept!

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Neil Jeffers's picture

No, none of that made any sense to me. Perhaps you could write in Gk or Heb - I may understand that better than computer-speak!


James Oakley's picture
Submitted by James Oakley on

LOL (which, by the way, stands for Laugh Out Loud)!

I'm well aware that there are people out there who don't care how a website works, but just use it. A bit like me and cars.

There are others - well, one or two - who are technically minded and like to know what's under the hood.

The other issue is that people like "Drupal": are very nice to let us all use their hard work for free. They don't even say "free, provided you put a label at the bottom of every page which says Powered By Drupal". So I wanted to give a bit of credit where credit is due.

Anyway - sounds like you're best off ignoring any posts that are tagged "Technology" ;-) Great to hear from you - hope life is good for you all in Lowestoft...

Ros's picture
Submitted by Ros on

Well, I think I may have understood marginally more than Jeffers, but I'm very sure I didn't quite get it. The thing with the Drupal software is that you have to have somewhere to host it, right? And that costs money, right? So that's why I'm at WordPress - because it's free. I did wonder at one stage about taking up the WP option to have your own domain name, but again you have to pay money. I just don't think the level of traffic my blog gets is worth paying money for! I like being able to have pages at WP and I'm enjoying playing with the CSS of the layout (as you can tell) and I did shell out $15/year for that privilege.

I wonder what you're going to do with that blogroll?

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Submitted by James Oakley on

Yes - Drupal only works hosted. WP has the option ( of self-hosting, or they'll do it for you (

I registered a domain fairly early on at college - I didn't want to have to tell everyone every time I changed my e-mail address, and I could see that happening whenever I changed job or ISP. So I thought it worth the money (£10 every 2 years) to register a domain as a permanent dwelling. So I already had the domain.

I'd found hosting fairly cheaply too - £20 per year from - which means I'd gone for that. If you host your own webspace you have the advantage of total control over URLs, which means the search engines learn where you are and then don't lose you. I wanted that for "Mandelbrot Explorer":

So by the time I came to thinking about blogs, it made sense to use the hosted webspace I already had. One thing that means, now, is that having migrated my blog onto a new platform, all the links in the search engine databases aren't broken. People can still search, click and find

Now... drumroll for that blogroll!

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