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Wed, 07/08/2019 - 10:30 -- James Oakley

This blog post is part of a series jotting through my trip to Israel in June 2019. For contents page for the posts see the Introductory Post. If I've reported something incorrectly, please let me know via post comments (below) or my contact page. All photographs are Copyright © James Oakley, June 2019, unless indicated otherwise.

I'm nearly done with Israel. But not quite.

I particularly enjoyed the plant life out there. Part of my enjoyment came from growing up in Kenya and discovering that the Israel climate is conducive to many of the same plants growing, some of which I'd not seen for many years.

So we have, in alphabetical order:





Euphorbia Candelabrum

Frangipane (genus: Plumeria)

Some lovely golden grasses

A variety of Flame Tree - but I've no idea which, as the East African one apparently doesn't grow here.



Some thistles, that are nothing like your Scottish thistle

And something else that I liked but I've no idea what it is

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