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Wed, 31/07/2019 - 10:30 -- James Oakley

This blog post is part of a series jotting through my trip to Israel in June 2019. For contents page for the posts see the Introductory Post. If I've reported something incorrectly, please let me know via post comments (below) or my contact page. All photographs are Copyright © James Oakley, June 2019, unless indicated otherwise.

A quick follow-on post to my Israel trip to comment on food and drink. There was lots, in lots of styles, including lots of fresh fruit (such as apples and melons) and salad. (Israeli tapwater is purified to European standards, so you can have salad when out and about). Sadly it wasn't the season for oranges or mangos.

The ubiquitous shawarma

Some very generous Arab hospitality at one point:

A fantastic desert, kanafeh, made of semolina dough, date honey and cheese:

And, of course, the chance to buy some coffee.

Arab and Turkish coffee are prepared in very similar ways. But one difference is that Arab coffee is prepared with a small amount of finely ground caradmom mixed in too. So the shop grinds the coffee, places it in this metal dish, and then adds the right amount of caramom from the jar. They place it in a bag for you, and sprinkle one final pinch of caramom on top before sealing it.

With the right kit (which I also bought, with the help of a Palestinian friend I'd made on the trip), it makes a delicous brew.

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