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Mon, 25/02/2019 - 10:30 -- James Oakley

It is a great privilege indeed to belong to a Christian church, and so to the Christian church.

This last weekend, I reached the milestone of 10 years serving the churches here in Kemsing and Woodlands, also a great privilege.

That gives me cause to look back on the many churches I have belonged to over the years. Each made its mark in different ways, and the person I am today is undoubtedly shaped by the time spent in those churches.

I have little (or even no) recall of some of the churches going back to my earliest childhood; other churches I remember very cleary. I was in some of these churches for a long time; others I spent little over a year. Some of these churches were hard work to belong to, and God shaped me through that; others were a joy and my memories are only happy.

But each and every one of these churches was a privilege to be a part of, because each one is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ. In total, I make it 16 churches.

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