The mercy of God at Pentecost

Tue, 20/06/2017 - 10:10 -- James Oakley
Vineyard in the mist
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Here, once again, is David Gooding, in his book True to the Faith.

Read this slowly, let it sink in, and take time to enjoy the amazing mercy and grace of God shown that first Pentecost:

“If it is true that Jesus Christ was the Son of the Owner of the vineyard, and in addition Heir to the whole universe; and if in fact he was thrown out of his own vineyard and crucified by his own creatures, then what happened at Pentecost expresses a mercy that almost passes belief. A more easily credible story would have been that the ‘tongues as of fire’ that descended from heaven on that occasion were sent to lick up and consume the very stones of Jerusalem and all it contained. As it was, those tongues of fire came to announce to the murderers of Jesus that he was risen from the dead and ascended to God’s right hand; to argue the case that the Jesus they killed was therefore demonstrated to be both Lord and Messiah; and that now therefore – and here comes the incredible bit – pardon and forgiveness were offered to them and to all mankind, together with a hitherto unparalleled gift of new life and of a new relationship with God.” (Page 53)

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