Pilgrim's Progress

Tue, 08/03/2011 - 11:57 -- James Oakley

The Family Pilgrim's Progress

Wonderful. I've just greatly enjoyed reading The Family Pilgrim's Progress, published by Christian Focus Publications. It is a retelling by Jean Watson of Bunyan's classic tale. The aim is to create a book that can be read to children aged 5-7, and read by children aged 7-9. There are bright colourful pictures throughout the 128 page book, with some highlighted boxes discussing some of the characters in the book and where the biblical inspiration for them may have come from. It respects things like the names of the places and the people (so that we keep "Charity" and "Slough of Despond"), and lots of Bunyan's original biblical allusions are still easily spotted, but all the while the story-telling is clear and accessible.

The joy for an adult reading it, of course, is that you can read it in about an hour. Whilst it is not the same as reading Bunyan's original, to be able to take an hour and relive the entire story is an hour very well spent. I would suggest readers get a copy, read it, then read it to their children, god-children, nephews, nieces or grand-children.

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