Another fine DVD box set I'm getting you into...

Wed, 20/01/2010 - 21:21 -- James Oakley

"There's a good deal on at the moment that, only I'm not to tell anybody" (adapted from Way out West)

I just happened to notice that have the Box Set of Laurel and Hardy DVDs at the stunningly good price of £39.98. Price correct at time of writing.

I feel a certain moral obligation to make readers of this blog aware of the presence of such fine comedy at such a price. After all, honesty is the best politics. I assure you: It is worth trying some of the less well known territory. The 15 minute silent shorts are brilliant. Compare the old film "From Soup to Nuts" with the remake of that which was appended onto "A Chump at Oxford" to make it long enough for the American market. The old silent is way out in front.

So what's on it? All but about 4 or 5 of the films that the boys made under Hal Roach. All were originally made in black and white, but some have been technologically colourised since; these films are available in both original and colourised forms, so you can choose. (I tend to watch those in black and white, but your choice!). There are 21 discs in the set.

That's quite enough from me.

It certainly is.

Laurel and Hardy DVD

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