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Thu, 19/07/2007 - 15:49 -- James Oakley

All members of the Renz fellowship group at Oak Hill during the time Ros Clarke was at college are obliged (by law) to try the BBC's Opening Line Quiz.

Two reservations in recommending this:-

1. I know, the Beeb haven't quite got the idea. You're supposed to play their game in reverse - give out the title and guess the first line.

2. They don't mention there being any prizes if you do particularly well at the quiz. But then again, if I were in their shoes at the moment, I wouldn't have dared either.

Still - it makes a good activity for a Monday afternoon...

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Okay, signing in at worked eventually! Must leave more regular comments and stay signed in that way.

Anyway, I was going to say that I actually already did that quiz but didn't make the reverse link to 'the book game'. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped on the quiz. 6/10, I think.

Oh, and btw, the book game is fun for any afternoon - not just Mondays. ;)

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Submitted by James Oakley on

Hurrah - you managed to sign in. Full marks for perseverance!

Confession time

1. My post wasn't clear enough. There was no link to the book game as we all know it. The Beeb only had a version the wrong way around - give you the first line and guess which novel.

2. I got 4/10! Considering multiple guess would have got me 2.5/10 I didn't do too well. Suppose I need to read more English literature then...

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