Colours in Revelation

Thu, 19/10/2023 - 17:35 -- James Oakley

I assume colour is significant in the book of Revelation.

I was reading chapter 20, and realised that in Revelation 20:11 we have a "great white throne" and someone seated on it. This takes us back to Revelation 4:2, where we had a throne with someone seated on it. But this one is specifically white.

In this book we have

Let's not stop with the colour white. We have others (where I've italicised it's colour references that are probably not significant, being the colours of things in a list of items the city used to trade)






The book of Revelation is not a black-and-white silent movie. It's full colour (and very much not silent). In fact, when there's 30 minutes' silence it's significant enough to be worth recording, but that may be the theme of another post.

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