Coming to church: Set your watch

Sat, 19/03/2022 - 20:23 -- James Oakley

Most Christians have weeks when it's hard work to discipline themselves to get up and worship with their church family on a Sunday.

I love these words from Robert Murray McCheyne, written in 1836, that quaintly and yet compellingly encourage us to make the effort.

If this struggle is you, let me encourage you: Come, and callibrate your watch!

“I have found, by some experience, that in the country here my watch does not go so well as it used to do in town. By small and gradual changes I find it either gains or loses, and I am surprised to find myself different in time from all the world, and, what is worse, the sun. The simple explanation is, that in town I met with a steeple in every street, and a good-going clock upon it; and so any aberrations in my watch were soon noticed and easily corrected. And just so I sometimes think it may be with that inner watch, whose hands point not to time but to eternity. By gradual and slow changes the wheels of my soul lag behind, or the springs of passions become too powerful; and I have no living timepiece with which I may compare, and by which I may amend my going. You will say that I always have the sun: And so it should be; but we have many clouds which obscure the sun from our weak eyes.”

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