God loves good and hates evil

Thu, 02/06/2011 - 16:48 -- James Oakley

I love this quotation from Gerard Wilson. He's commenting on Psalm 5.

By relentless goodness I mean that from the beginning, God’s only intent was and still is to bless his creation. Judgement and mercy, therefore, are not two competing characteristics of Yahweh but are two inseparable consequences of his holiness. Relentless goodness is the flip side of incompatibility with evil. (Page 167)

So we might baulk at the idea that God hates evil. But we need to pause long enough to remember that for God to hate evil is the flipside of him loving what is good. He cannot love good with utter consistency without hating evil with equally utter consistency. Helpful.

So, similarly:

Thus, when rightly viewed, Yahweh’s holiness is not just the basis for his judgement on sin but is at the same time the foundation for his work of salvation.

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