Singing Psalm 100:4-5 in Hebrew

Sat, 28/03/2009 - 09:13 -- James Oakley

We've been having a most enjoyable, instructive and edifying Lent Course here in Kemsing. John Goulding, a retired Anglican clergyman, has been taking the sessions, leading us through some of the Psalms. The feel of the evenings has been pleasantly relaxed, and as we've wandered together through the Psalter we've noticed all manner of things that has brought those Psalms to life in new ways. Many, many thanks to John for taking this course so well for us all.

When we looked at Psalm 100, John played us two pieces of music that were settings for Psalm 100. One was a lovely, well-written, well-sung traditional choral piece. The other, which John preferred, and which got many a foot tapping (and a bit more), and to which we were all singing along by the end, was a setting of the Hebrew of Psalm 100:4-5. The music certainly captures the mood of the 100th Psalm very well, and to be able to sing it in Hebrew was a bonus.

Anyway: I've found the CD that John got that track off. It's called Your Favorite Psalms Sung in English & Hebrew.

Sadly, doesn't have a sample of the tracks. However, does. So if you want to here a sample of the Psalm 100:4-5 track, click on this link to visit to go to's Music Sampler. (It's track 5 you want, but it should start automatically when you click on that link).

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