Long live King Joash!

Fri, 20/10/2006 - 09:43 -- James Oakley

I like the story of King Joash / Jehoash (1 Kings 11-12).

When he was just born (under a year old, comparing 11:3 and 11:21), the person who thought they ruled Judah (Athaliah) killed all the kings sons. Why such ruthlessness? She wanted to rule, and felt threatened that a new heir to the throne had been born.

But God miraculously preserved the life of this child. He grew up to be a wise king because he was instructed by a godly priest. And in his adult years, he showed zeal for God’s house, seeking to restore the honour and standing it was intended to have.

Sadly, that zeal was to consume him. His own servants did not like him – we are not told why. His own servants struck him down and killed him.

He wasn’t a perfect king by any means. He clearly thought it was the right thing to do to pay off Hazael when threatened by him militarily. But is it really right to give away the money you’ve been so careful to ear-mark for temple restoration? He also still did not remove the high places.

But God was good to Judah to give them a king like this. Praise God for King Joash! Long live King Joash! May he give us a king like King Joash!

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