2 Peter - the bare bones

Wed, 06/09/2006 - 17:41 -- James Oakley

Having flow charted 2 Peter, the main points stand out quite clearly from the subordinate ones.

Again – just in case this is helpful for anyone, here are two summaries of 2 Peter.


Simon Peter, to those given an equal faith to ours, may grace and peace be multiplied.

God’s power has given us all we need for life and godliness, so make every effort to supplement your faith with lots of qualities. (Because if you have these qualities increasingly, you won’t be unfruitful, but if you lack them you are blind and forgetful. Therefore you confirm your calling and I will remind you of the qualities.)

While I’m alive, I’ll remind you so that when I’m gone you can remember. Our testimony to Jesus’ power and coming was true eyewitness account;. you also have the prophecy of the OT confirmed.

But, then as now, there are false prophets who will draw people after them and who will be condemned. (The OT shows you that God knows how to rescue the godly whilst reserving the unrighteous for punishment. Especially the unrighteous who exhibit lust and a spite for authority.)

These people are more blasphemous than the worst angels, more ignorant than the animals. They revel in their sin and draw others after them. So the worst fate awaits them: They are slaves to their ways, but promise others freedom, so it would have been better if they had never tasted God’s righteousness at all.

As I say, this letter is a reminder. Remember what the prophets and Jesus (through his apostles) taught. You’ll remember this as people scoff at the idea of Jesus coming again. These scoffers overlook God’s work in creation and in the flood – so don’t you overlook God’s patient timescale. Instead, we’re waiting for a new creation inhabited by righteousness, so live a godly life and regard God’s patience as a chance for salvation.

So, seeing as you know this, don’t get carried away but grow in grace and knowledge.

To Jesus Christ be the glory.

An even shorter summary

Peter, to those with equal faith to ours.

Make every effort to supplement your faith with lots of qualities.

I’m reminding you of our reliable eyewitness account, and its implications; you also have the prophets confirmed to you.

There will, of course, be false prophets, but they will be rightly judged for their defiance and lusts.

I’m reminding you of what the prophets and Jesus said. Don’t overlook the fact that God’s timescale for Jesus’ return amounts to patience. Live a holy and godly life while you wait.

So don’t lose your stability but grow.

To Jesus Christ be the glory.

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