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Basic Information

Bible Reading Plan Generator is software allowing you to generate a plan for reading any books of the Bible you choose over any number of days you wish. Bible Reading Plan Generator will then give you a list of passages, one for each day; those passages will be as near as possible to equal in length.

The current version is 2.6

Instructions for use are included within the software. Click on the Help menu.

The software is Free to use. Free to distribute. No warranty. But still all Copyright © J R Oakley May 2019.

For details of the freeware license, run the installer where you will be asked to agree to the terms.


Download the setup program, and run it; you will need to have Administrator rights when you do so, as is the case for most software installations. The installer will lead you through the process of installing Bible Reading Plan Generator on your computer. When you've finished, you will find a shortcut to launch the program on your start menu. If you opted to have one, there will also be a shortcut on your desktop.

If you get a warning from your browser or computer when you download or install the software, see below.

To uninstall, go to Add / Remove Programs, as you would to uninstall any software.

.NET Framework

Note: You need to have Microsoft’s .NET Framework installed. Most Windows 2000, XP or Vista computers, updated regularly through Windows Update, will have this.

If for some reason you don’t have it already, the installer will download and install it before continuing to install Bible Reading Plan Generator.


Yes please – I’d love it. Please let me know any bugs you find, features you’d like, interesting uses to which you put it, etc.

What does it look like?

To help you visualise it, here is a screenshot

Screenshot of Bible Reading Plan Generator

I hope it helps someone.

Version History

  • 2.1 - First public release
  • 2.2 - A private interrim version that was never released publicly
  • 2.3 - Made the Cancel button more stable, and added the statistics section to help someone tweak the optional settings to get an optimal reading plan for them.
  • 2.4 - A private interrim version that was never released publicly
  • 2.5 - Added feature to allow for reading plans that only contain entire chapters; added feature to automatically check for new releases; added installer.
  • 2.6 - Fixed bug in the way that entire-chapter plans worked, which resulted in some plans breaking up chapters. Installer no longer simply advises that you need the .NET Framework; if it's missing, the installer will download and install it before continuing.

Warnings Downloading / Installing?

Your browser may display a warning when downloading the installer:

The installer is an "executable file"; they aren't documents you open but programs that do things. The warning is there to stop you downloading such files without thinking, believing them to be (say) a word processing document, and then running a program that turned out to be malicious.

In the case of Bible Reading Plan Generator, you are intending to download a file that will install software, so this warning is not a problem for you.

You may then get another warning when you run the software:

Windows comes with a tool called Windows Defender SmartScreen, which analyses software before you run it. If it knows about a program, it stays silently in the background. If it knows it's malicious, it will stop you. If it simply hasn't heard of the programme, it will stop you, but there is a way to continue.

Click "More info" (highlighted above). You'll now see that "Don't run" is no longer your only option:

If you are absolutely sure you trust this app, click "Run anyway", and you're away!

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