From time to time, I want to review services / products / websites that I've used myself, and that I think others might find helpful too.

I've started this section of the website to offer such reviews.

Web Hosting Providers

I've used a far few over the years. Many, I no longer use for reasons which also mean I'd not recommend them. However, some are good, very good, and I'm delighted to pass on what I've found. Currently there are reviews for two categories of hosting provider.

Unmanaged VPS Providers

I've written a summary review to explain what an unmanged VPS is, and to give a potted view of the 3 providers I'd recommend. You'll then find a link to three detailed reviews of:

Managed VPS Providers

Again, the summary review comes first. Then you'll find detailed reviews of:

Other Reviews

I plan to add other types of review here, as time permits. Please come back from time to time to see what may have been added.

Additional Terms