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Welcome to my website!

I'm the vicar of the two parishes of Kemsing and Woodlands in Kent; that said, this website is my own, so all views here are my own.

Every website has to have a homepage - a way in - something to tell visitors what the site is all about. That's the bit I'm aware I need to work on, because the truth is that this site is about several different things. Perhaps, while I think what should go here, I should introduce you to the other websites I run, and to the various sections of this site. Then, at least, you can explore at leisure.

My sites

Mandelbrot Explorer

Mandelbrot Explorer is a Mandelbrot and Julia Set explorer. Start with one of six inbuilt colour schemes to explore these beautiful fractal images. Then try designing your own colour schemes to get your images looking exactly how you want. Save the resulting images, or copy them to the system clipboard. Save a whole series of images recording the zoom into your chosen image. Mandelbrot Explorer is Freeware.

Thoughts On Life To Come

Thoughts On Life To Come is one of five booklets written by Mary Oakley. For more information visit the site above.

Sections of This Site


A collection of some essays I have written, and my BA Dissertation on the faith of the OT Saints


From time to time I put sermons I give up here. Not because I think they are particularly good, even less that they are model sermons. But someone may be interested.


A random collection of thoughts that I occasionally think someone else might be interested in… Topics range from theological, thoughts on the Bible, coffee, technology or travel.