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Learn how to stay ahead of the curve in the future of work

Microsoft Office - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 20:00

Join us for next episode of Modern Workplace, “The Future of Work: Build, attract, connect,” airing April 11, 2017 at 8 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. BST. In this episode, learn how your organization can adopt cutting edge methods to better communicate, collaborate, and stay ahead of the curve in the future of work.

Featured guests:

  • Angela Oguntala, speaker and United Nations “future innovator” will share how you can see fast results for your organization by breaking down growth opportunities into small, actionable steps.
  • Jacob Morgan, speaker, futurist and author of the new book “The Employee Experience Advantage,” will reveal why experiential companies are poised for the greatest future success, and what that could mean for your organization.

Plus, learn how you can elevate your team’s productivity using the new chat-based workspace, Microsoft Teams.

Register now!

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New to Office 365 in March—co-authoring in Excel and more

Microsoft Office - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 17:00

Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team.

Office 365 provides the broadest and deepest toolkit for collaboration between individuals, teams and entire organizations. Updates this month make the experience even better with co-authoring in Excel, the general availability of Microsoft Teams and more. We’ll also be announcing the latest roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive at the SharePoint Virtual Summit on May 16th. Read on for the details.

Co-authoring is coming to Excel

We’re taking a significant step in completing the co-authoring story across Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Today, we’re enabling co-authoring in Excel on Windows desktops for Office Insiders Fast. This allows you to know who else is working with you in a spreadsheet, see where they’re working and view changes automatically within seconds. We’ll continue using feedback from Insiders to improve the experience before making it available more broadly. Co-authoring is already available in Excel Online, Excel on Android, Windows Mobile and iOS (for Office Insiders). We’re also working on co-authoring in Excel for the Mac—stay tuned for more!

Co-authoring is being shown in Excel. A dropdown in the top right explains that Alex is also working in the spreadsheet, and which cell he is in. A red box surrounds the cell Alex is in, with a red flag over it showing his name. Alex’s red indicator moves to another cell, and then a change which Alex made to the cell and a graph can be seen showing up a moment later.

Co-authoring in Excel on Windows desktops allows you to see where others are editing at the same time as you in a spreadsheet.

We’re also bringing AutoSave to Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows desktops, for files stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. With AutoSave, you can stop worrying about hitting the Save button, whether you’re working alone or with others.

Availability: Co-authoring in Excel on Windows desktops is rolling out for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insider Fast. Co-authoring in Excel on iOS is currently available for Office Insiders, as well as for all customers in Excel Mobile on Windows, Excel on Android and Excel Online. AutoSave is rolling out to Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows desktops, for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insider Fast. Microsoft Teams is now generally available

Earlier this month, we announced that Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365—is now generally available in 181 markets and in 19 languages. Last week, we also made Teams available in Office 365 Education, free for faculty, staff and students. We’ve introduced over 100 new features and addressed top requests from over 50,000 organizations who have started using Teams since the preview began in November. The updates span all four of the core Teams promises: chat for today’s teams, a hub for teamwork, customizable for every team and security that teams trust. Notably, over 150 integrations with other apps, services and bots are either already available or coming soon. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm for Teams and look forward to seeing how customers build Teams into the way they collaborate every day. We’ll also continue updating Teams—along with our other Office 365 apps and services. Learn more about Microsoft Teams and start using Microsoft Teams today.

Availability: Microsoft Teams is now generally available for commercial and education customers on Windows desktops, Macs, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android, as well as the web. Microsoft Bookings is rolling out worldwide

Last week, we announced the worldwide rollout of Microsoft Bookings to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers. Bookings makes it easy for small businesses to schedule and manage appointments with their customers, and we’ve introduced several new capabilities based on feedback from last year’s initial release to customers in the U.S. and Canada. Now you can connect your Office 365 calendar to Bookings, add buffer time between appointments, customize your Bookings page, and stay connected on the go with iOS and Android apps. Read more about Microsoft Bookings.

A Microsoft Bookings page accessed on desktop and mobile.

Your Bookings page can be accessed on desktop or mobile.

Availability: Microsoft Bookings is rolling out to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers worldwide. It can be accessed on the web, iOS and Android. OneNote inking and accessibility updates

We’ve made a number of improvements to OneNote this month, making inking more powerful and available in the browser, as well as helping you create more accessible notes.

  • Ink math assistant improvements—OneNote can now graph handwritten equations and even let you manipulate variables to see the visual effect of changes. It can also teach you the steps to solve systems of equations. This expanded built-in intelligence within OneNote makes it an even more powerful math coach to help you learn in context. Learn more in this blog, and give it a try today!

 The ink math assistant is being shown in OneNote. An equation is selected, the Math button is tapped and the Math pane expands. The Graph in 2D option is selected, and a graph appears. Then the variables in the equation are shown being manipulated with corresponding changes being updated in the graph.

OneNote can now graph handwritten equations, in addition to teaching you how to solve them.

Availability: Ink math assistant graphing and support for systems of equations are now available in OneNote for Windows 10, for all Office 365 subscribers.
  • Accessibility Checker now in OneNote—The Accessibility Checker, now available in OneNote for Windows 10, helps ensure your notes can be consumed without barriers by people with visual impairments. It analyzes your material and provides recommendations alongside your notes, which helps you understand how to fix errors and create more accessible notes over time. Simply select Check Accessibility under the View tab to get started. 

The Accessibility Checker is being shown in OneNote, specifically alerting the user to unclear hyperlink text in the notebook page.

The Accessibility Checker helps you find and fix issues that might make your content difficult for people with visual impairments to consume.

Availability: The Accessibility Checker is now available and easily discoverable for all customers in OneNote for Windows 10. It is also available in several Office applications on Windows desktops, Macs and Office Online.
  • Inking in OneNote Online—We’re bringing inking and the Draw tab to OneNote Online, so you can make your mark with ink or highlighter while taking, reviewing, or editing your notes in the browser.

  The new Draw tab with inking tools is being shown in OneNote Online, with ink annotations added to various parts of an image in a biology notebook page.

OneNote works the way you do, with new inking capabilities in the browser.

Availability: Inking is rolling out for all customers using OneNote Online in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Visio integrates with Excel and PowerPoint in new ways

Visio, Excel and PowerPoint work better together than ever, helping you seamlessly generate flowcharts automatically from data then share them effortlessly as presentations. Create a flowchart directly from Excel in a few clicks using the new Data Visualizer templates. Then, use the new Slide Snippets pane to select specific diagrams or snippets, title them and export as slides in a new PowerPoint presentation. The Morph transition is even applied automatically to create cinematic transitions between overlapping snippets on different slides. Get started with Visio Data Visualizer templates and creating a PowerPoint presentation from Visio.

The new Data Visualizer templates and Slide Snippets pane are being shown in Visio. A Cross Functional Flowchart is shown being created from an existing Excel workbook. Then the Slide Snippets pane is shown being used to select multiple areas of the Visio flowchart to export as snippets on individual slides in PowerPoint.

Visio, Excel and PowerPoint work better together to help you seamlessly create flowcharts from Excel data and export diagram snippets to share as PowerPoint slides.

Availability: The new Data Visualizer templates for Excel data are now available in Visio on Windows desktops, for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insiders Slow. The Slide Snippets pane is currently available in Visio on Windows desktops, for all Office 365 subscribers. Other Office 365 updates this month

We also have a few additional updates this month. See the links below for more details:

Learn more about what’s new for Office 365 subscribers this month at: Office 2016 | Office for Mac | Office Mobile for Windows | Office for iPhone and iPad | Office on Android. If you’re an Office 365 Home or Personal customer, be sure to sign up for Office Insider to be the first to use the latest and greatest in Office productivity. Commercial customers on both Current Channel and Deferred Channel can also get early access to a fully supported build through First Release. This site explains more about when you can expect to receive the features announced today.

—Kirk Koenigsbauer

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PHP for EasyApache 4 updated

CloudLinux - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 16:13

The new updated PHP for EasyApache 4 are available from our production repository.


NOTE: ea-php51 and ea-php52 have no PHP-FPM support. Please use mod_lsapi instead (







To update run:

yum clean all yum update ea-php*

To install run:

yum install ea-php*
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Beta: New CloudLinux 7 kernel released

CloudLinux - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 14:05

The new updated CloudLinux 7 kernel (version 3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.42) is available for download from our updates-testing repository.

Changelog since 3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.40:

  • fixed a deadlock with HPC backup solution;
  • CLKRN-92: megaraid driver panic fixes;
  • CLKRN-94: improved a symlink attack protection by checking nested symlinks;
  • CLKRN-95: reduced high-order allocation impact in filesystem mount code;
  • CLKRN-97: fixed race condition in common hashtable implementation;
  • Implemented global_root_enable flag which increases symlink owner protection (disabled by default). Find details in our documentation

To install new kernel please run the following commands:

yum clean all --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing yum install kernel-3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.42.el7 kmod-lve-1.4-42.el7 --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
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Beta: ea-apache24 2.4.25-4.cloudlinux.1 released

CloudLinux - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 08:28

The new updated apache24 version 2.4.25-4.cloudlinux.1 for EasyApache 4 is available for download from EA4 beta repository.


ea-apache24 version 2.4.25-4.cloudlinux.1

  • Fixed 60189 bug.
  • Fixed MPM event crash on restart (MODLS-395).

For installation:



$ yum clean all --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ yum update ea-apache24 --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ service httpd restart

For update:

$ yum clean all --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ yum update ea-apache24 --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ service httpd restart
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Beta: mod_hostinglimits updated

CloudLinux - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 08:24

The new updated httpd24-mod_hostinglimits (CloudLinux 6) and httpd24-apr packages are available for download from our updates-testing repository.


httpd24-mod_hostinglimits 1.0-28

httpd24-apr 1.5.2-3

  • Added extra check of lve_enter result and store it for further analysis. Avoiding lve_leave error in dmesg.

For installation/update:

yum install httpd24-mod_hostinglimits httpd24-apr --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
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Imunify360 2.0 released

CloudLinux - Tue, 28/03/2017 - 08:14

We are pleased to announce that the new updated Imunify360 2.0-7 is now available. The latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as new features. Imunify360 also has become more reliable and stable due to the bug fixes described below.

Should you encounter any problems with product or have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our support team at Imunify360 department. We’d be more than happy to help you.

Key improvements

  • [DEF-1144, DEF-1103] - implemented on demand scan;
  • [DEF-1072] - added preview for quarantine and suspicious files;
  • [DEF-1069] - implemented suspicious files table.


  • [DEF-985, DEF-1287] - fixed malware scanner ignore list settings;
  • [DEF-930, DEF-954, DEF-1039] - reduced CPU usage, optimized messages processing;
  • [DEF-998] - using ModSecurity COMODO rules instead of OWASP CRS;
  • [DEF-1058] - capturing incidents only with specified severity level;
  • [DEF-1153] - implemented commands for suspicious files;
  • [DEF-1157] - pure-ftpd scans depend on MOVE_TO_QUARANTINE option;
  • [DEF-1169] - tweaked ModSecurity SecRuleEngine responsibly;
  • [DEF-1187] - implemented new communication options for CLN server and imunify360 server;
  • [DEF-1207] - does not install ModSecurity ruleset if LiteSpeed is installed;
  • [DEF-1222, DEF-1223] - added license expiration notification;
  • [DEF-1267] - installing ea-php only for ea4;
  • [DEF-1269] - blocking IP by ModSecurity critical events by default;
  • [DEF-1307] - renamed Alt-PHP to HardenedPHP;
  • [DEF-1229] - improved browser support;
  • [DEF-1076] - enabled setting comment when adding IP to white/black list;
  • [DEF-1069] - implemented suspicious files table;
  • [DEF-1232] - set max value validation for auto whitelist timeout;
  • [DEF-1080] - added group action button for group removing of IPs.


  • [DEF-1123] - fixed saving incorrect config;
  • [DEF-1128] - fixed empty ModSecurity Hits List;
  • [DEF-1133] - fixed bug when Imunify360 displayed "expiration" incorrectly;
  • [DEF-1136] - fixed broken menu bar layout;
  • [DEF-1138] - maldet --mkpubpaths executed by cron job;
  • [DEF-1152] - fixed Cloudlinux 7 captcha server crashes on start;
  • [DEF-1164, DEF-1212] - fixed SSL certs errors for DNS Only installations;
  • [DEF-1172] - fixed captcha spelling error;
  • [DEF-1195] - fixed error with pure-ftp scan;
  • [DEF-1204] - fixed blocking by country if a user is auto whitelisted;
  • [DEF-1230] - fixed max allowed expiration for auto whitelist IP;
  • [DEF-1280] - mod_security does not block uploads if maldet misconfigured;
  • [DEF-1085] - fixed "event is not defined" error;
  • [DEF-1310] - removed unused fields from settings requests;
  • [DEF-1086] - grammar fixes;
  • [DEF-1215] - fixed Add button confusing behavior in Whitelist section;
  • [DEF-1189] - country search button disabled if incorrect country is entered;
  • [DEF-1190] - fixed an error when country name instead of country code can be sent to the server as key for searching IP;
  • [DEF-1168] - "Actions" column in IP/Countries list does not contain number of selected items;
  • [DEF-1126] - forbidden GET-requests to handlers/sendRequest.cgi.

To instal new Imunify360 version 2.0 please follow the instructions in documentation.

To upgrade Imunify360 run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall
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PHPKonf: Istanbul PHP Conference 2017

PHP - Mon, 27/03/2017 - 19:00
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2017 Drupal Association at-large election winner announced

Drupal - Mon, 27/03/2017 - 16:51


2017 Election Results

The staff and board of the Drupal Association would like to congratulate our newest board member:

Ryan Szrama.

Thank you, Ryan, for stepping forward to serve the Drupal community. On behalf of the community I also want to thank the 13 candidates who put themselves out there in service of Drupal and nominated themselves. We are grateful that our community has so many brave and generous people willing to contribute this way.

Ryan's election to the board represents the sixth year of elections to a community-at-large seat on the Drupal Association board. Each year we've focused on improving the elections process, and this year was no different. We focused on two goals: 

  1. Improve the user experience of participating in the elections process. 
    • We added more in-line help materials throughout the elections process.
      • For candidates, we added information about the responsibilities of a board member to the nomination form, as well as a video message from the Executive Director.
      • For voters we improved the elections navigation, and provided more educational materials about the IRV voting process.
    • We implemented a drag and drop ballot, to make it easier for voters to rank candidates. 
  2. Make it easier to get to know the candidates.
    • We updated the candidate profile form, to ask more detailed questions to help voters get to know the candidates. 
    • Based on feedback from previous years, we eliminated the three virtual meet-the-candidates sessions, in favor of giving each candidate the option to post a statement-of-candidacy video.  In conjunction with the question and answer section on each candidate profile, we felt this gave the electorate the opportunity to get to know their candidates at their own pace and on their own terms. 

Our next steps will be to reach out to the candidates for their evaluation of the elections experience.

We also want to hear from the voters. Please tell us about your experience with the elections process in the comments below. Your feedback is important to us so that we can make the 2018 elections process even better. 

About the Elections Methodology: Instant Run-off Voting(IRV)

Elections for the Community-at-large positions on the Drupal Association board are conducted through Instant Run-off Voting. This means that voters can rank candidates according to their preference. When tabulating ballots, the voters' top-ranked choices are considered first. If no candidate has more than 50% of the vote, the candidate with the lowest votes is eliminated. Then the ballots are tabulated again, with all the ballots that had the eliminated candidate as their first rank now recalculated with their second rank choices. This process is repeated until only two candidates remain and a clear winner can be determined. This voting method helps to ensure that the candidate who is most preferred by the most number of voters is ultimately elected. You can learn more about IRV (also known as Alternative Vote) in this video.

Voting Results

There were 13 candidates in contention for the single vacancy among the two community-at-large seats on the Board. 1,240 voters cast their ballots out of a pool of 94,499 eligible voters (1.3%). Voters ranked an average of 3.6 candidates on their ballots. 

The bar charts below show the vote counts for each candidate in each round.
Place the mouse over a bar to see the number of votes.

  • Yellow — Votes carried over from the previous round.
  • Green — Votes received in this round.
  • Red — Votes transferred away in this round.

A candidate's votes in a round is the sum of the yellow and green bars.
Since the green and red bars represent votes being transferred, the sum of the
green and red bars is the same.

The exhausted bar represents votes where the voter did not indicate a next
preference and thus there were no candidates to transfer the vote to.

Round 1


Count of first choices.

Round 2


Count after eliminating gurubryan and transferring votes.

Round 3


Count after eliminating mehuls and transferring votes.

Round 4


Count after eliminating zet and transferring votes.

Round 5


Count after eliminating Rahul Seth and transferring votes.

Round 6


Count after eliminating redacted and transferring votes.

Round 7


Count after eliminating MatthewS and transferring votes.

Round 8


Count after eliminating Riaan Burger and transferring votes.

Round 9


Count after eliminating johnkennedy and transferring votes.

Round 10


Count after eliminating jackniu and transferring votes.

Round 11


Count after eliminating ok_lyndsey and transferring votes.

Round 12


Count after eliminating Prasad Shir and transferring votes. Candidate rszrama is elected.


Winner is rszrama.

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Skype for Business drives digital transformation

Microsoft Office - Mon, 27/03/2017 - 14:00

Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Office 365 Marketing.

Office 365 is a universal toolkit for collaboration with more than 85 million monthly active users, designed to address the unique workstyle of every group. Through integration with Outlook for email, SharePoint for intelligent content management, Yammer for networking across the organization, and Microsoft Teams for high-velocity, chat-based teamwork—Skype for Business is the backbone for enterprise voice and video meetings in Office 365.

As communication and collaboration become increasingly vital to the way work gets done, customers are turning to Skype for Business in Office 365 for all of their conferencing and calling needs. People around the globe conduct over one billion meetings per year on the Skype network, and usage of Skype for Business Online has doubled in the last year.

Today, as the annual unified communications industry conference Enterprise Connect kicks off in Orlando, we’re pleased to announce several new enhancements and partner solutions for Skype for Business in Office 365, which advance our goal of putting communication at the heart of productivity with Skype:

  • Availability of Auto Attendant and Call Queues, two new calling features in Skype for Business Cloud PBX.
  • Preview of the new Skype for Business Call Analytics dashboard, which provides IT admins with greater visibility to identify and address call issues.
  • New meeting room solutions from our partners, including Polycom RealConnect for Office 365, which enables customers to connect existing video conferencing devices to Skype for Business Online meetings; and the new Crestron SR for Skype Room Systems, which seamlessly integrates with the Crestron control and AV systems.
  • Availability of Enghouse Interactive’s TouchPoint Attendant, the first attendant console for Skype for Business Online.

“Skype for Business Online is becoming part of our DNA.”
—Menakshi Sehwani, regional IT business partner for J. Walter Thompson Europe

A complete, enterprise-grade communications solution

This week, we’re releasing Auto Attendant and Call Queues, two new advanced calling features in Skype for Business Cloud PBX. Auto Attendant provides an automated system to answer and route inbound calls using dial pad inputs and speech recognition. Call Queues enable incoming calls to be routed to the next available live attendant in the order they are received.

This continues the rapid innovation over the past six months we have released into the service including:

  • iOS CallKit integration.
  • Skype for Business client for Mac.
  • Expanding PSTN Conferencing to more than 90 countries with dial-out to 180 countries.
  • Extending PSTN Calling to France, Spain and the UK, with preview currently available in Netherlands.
  • Enabling thousands of customers with hybrid deployments.
  • Skype for Business Server Cloud Connector edition to connect their on-premises telephony assets to our cloud voice solution.

With Skype for Business, companies can replace their legacy meeting and phone systems, and enable their employees to join meetings, as well as to make, receive and manage calls right within Office 365—all on any device. Skype for Business Cloud PBX also provides central management within the Office 365 admin console, making it seamless for IT admins to manage communications alongside email, content and collaboration.

Simplified manageability and control for IT

Today, we are also announcing a preview of Skype for Business Online Call Analytics—a new dashboard in the Office 365 admin console that gives IT admins greater visibility to identify and address user call issues, such as network issues or headset problems. Customers tell us some of the greatest benefits of moving their communications to the cloud are the ability to consolidate all their meeting and calling systems into a single solution and streamline provisioning and administration. Customers have also asked for more visibility into calling data to help address user support inquiries. Call Analytics provides rich telemetry data in real-time to help IT admins troubleshoot issues and improve the user experience.

In addition to investing in IT management capabilities like the Call Analytics dashboard, we also released new authentication capabilities to enhance security in Skype for Business Online, including multi-factor authentication for PowerShell, certificate-based authentication, and custom policies for client conferencing and mobility.

“We want IT at Henkel to be an enabler for the digital world of the future,
and with features like Cloud PBX in Skype for Business, we live up to that role.”
—Markus Petrak, corporate director of Integrated Business Solutions for Henkel

Making meeting rooms more effective

For meetings to be as effective and engaging as possible for all participants—no matter their location—groups need web and video conferencing with features like screen sharing, IM and whiteboarding. At the same time, organizations want to take advantage of the full Skype for Business experience while leveraging their existing conferencing assets. Today, Polycom announced their RealConnect for Office 365 video interoperability cloud service will be generally available in North America in April. The RealConnect service enables customers to connect existing videoconferencing (VTC) devices to Skype for Business Online, at a low cost of ownership, and with ease of provisioning for IT and simplicity for users.

“Polycom RealConnect for Office 365 simplifies the video world by connecting Skype for Business online users with those using other video systems,” said Mary McDowell, Polycom CEO. “This cloud service protects customers’ investments in existing video systems as it allows these users to join a Skype for Business meeting with a single click.”

In addition, this week Crestron is introducing its SR for Skype Rooms Systems solution. As a next-generation Skype Room System, the Crestron SR will deliver a full native Skype for Business experience and has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with the Crestron control and AV systems. These Skype Rooms System solutions transform conference rooms of all sizes by providing rich audio and HD video and content sharing in the room. Remote participants have quick and easy join-meeting functionality and the ability to make phone calls. Customers are already seeing benefits from the Logitech SmartDock that was shipped in October of 2016.

“User adoption is critical for our IT success, and Logitech SmartDock with
Skype Room Systems makes it easy to collaborate over video.
The fact that it is highly affordable enables us to light up multiple rooms
for the price of a single traditional video conference room.”
—Franzuha Byrd, director of IT for Morgan Franklin Consulting

Business solutions on Skype for Business

Just as Skype for Business powers communication across Office 365, our partners and customers are taking advantage of Skype for Business APIs and SDKs to develop custom apps that bring real-time communications capabilities into line of business applications and enterprise solutions.

At HIMSS, we announced the availability of the Skype for Business App SDK and Office 365 Virtual Health Templates. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Enghouse has released its TouchPoint Attendant, one of the first attendant consoles tailored for Skype for Business Online.

From Enghouse, which is using Skype for Business to more efficiently route inbound customer calls with its new attendant console, to Smartsheet, which has incorporated Skype for Business into their collaborative work management platform, companies are making Skype for Business the backbone of custom communications scenarios.

Join us at Enterprise Connect this week

Office 365 is the broadest and deepest toolkit for communication and collaboration in the market, meeting the diverse needs of teams and individuals around the world. Skype for Business is our single platform for meetings, video and voice and is core to Office 365 to accelerate how teams and people build, create or produce, whether it be documents or ideas. We are excited to share our new innovations this week that drive greater productivity and simplified management as part of our comprehensive platform on-premises and in the cloud.

Join us live from Enterprise Connect, 10:00 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, when I deliver the Microsoft Keynote on how Microsoft is helping customers with their digital transformation by empowering people, IT and organizations through modern communication and collaboration.

—Ron Markezich

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Beta: mod_hostinglimits and ea-apr 1.5.2-6.cloudlinux.1 for EasyApache 4 updated

CloudLinux - Fri, 24/03/2017 - 15:13

The new updated mod_hostinglimits (CL5, CL6, CL7), ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits (CL6 and CL7) and ea-apr-1.5.2-6.cloudlinux.1 are available for download from our updates-testing repository.


mod_hostinglimits 1.0-28

ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits 1.0-28

ea-apr 1.5.2-6.cloudlinux.1

  • Added extra check of lve_enter result and store it for further analysis. Should avoid lve_leave error in dmesg.

EasyApache 4:

For installation:

1. Read:

2. Run:

$ yum clean all --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ yum update ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits ea-apr --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ service httpd restart

To update run:

$ yum clean all --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ yum update ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits ea-apr --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing $ service httpd restart

RPM based:

For install/update:

$ yum install mod_hostinglimits --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing


$ cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild $ ./build set cloudlinux_beta yes $ ./build update $ ./build apache $ service httpd restart

Note. For other systems (cPanel+Ea3, Plesk, non-panel) the packages will be provided next week.

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New LVE Manager production release targeted for April 3rd

CloudLinux - Fri, 24/03/2017 - 14:01


Due to a positive feedback from the second beta of LVE Manager on 100+ installs, we are planning to deploy the new version of LVE Manager to production on April 3rd.

If you are running several CloudLinux servers, please try to test beta on one of them before the release to make sure it doesn't affect all your servers.

You can find more about this beta and about new LVE manager in our previous blog-post, as well as at CloudLinux Academy webinar.

To install the upgrade package run: 

$ yum update cagefs lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
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Our Response to the Senate Vote on FCC Privacy Rules

CloudFlare - Fri, 24/03/2017 - 00:16

Today, the U.S. Senate voted narrowly to undo certain regulations governing broadband providers, put in place during the Obama administration, that would have required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to obtain approval from their customers before sharing information such as web-browsing histories, app usage, and aspects of their financial and health information, with third parties. Now, ISPs may sell targeted advertising or share personal information and browsing history with third party marketers, without first getting explicit consent from web users.

Cloudflare is disappointed with the Senate’s actions, as we feel strongly that consumer privacy rights need to be at the forefront of discussions around how personal information is treated. The new regulations would have steered the U.S. closer to the privacy standards enjoyed by citizens in many other developed countries, rather than away from such rights.

Defaulting to an “opt-in” rather than “opt-out” standard would provide consumers with greater controls over how, when, and with whom their personal information is used and shared. We believe that individuals should have the last say on what is done with their personal information, rather than corporations.

Regardless of whether Washington ultimately decides to approve rolling back these regulations, Cloudflare will continue to prioritize the sensitivity and privacy of the data we handle from and on behalf of our customers, and to comply with applicable privacy regulations worldwide.

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A Statement from the Executive Director

Drupal - Thu, 23/03/2017 - 22:49

Drupal Association

We understand that there is uncertainty and concern in the Drupal community about project founder, Dries Buytaert, asking Larry Garfield to leave the Drupal community, and about the Drupal Association removing Larry's DrupalCon sessions and ending his term as track chair.

We want to be clear that the decision to remove Larry's DrupalCon session and track chair role was not because of his private life or personal beliefs. The Drupal Association stands by our values of inclusivity. Our decision was based on confidential information conveyed in private by many sources. Due to the confidential nature of the situation we cannot and will not disclose any information that may harm any members of our community, including Larry.

This decision followed our established process. As the Executive Director, charged with safekeeping the goodwill of the organization, I made this decision after considering input from various sources including the Community Working Group (CWG) and Drupal Project Lead, Dries Buytaert. Upon Larry’s request for an appeal, the full board reviewed the situation, all the evidence, and statements provided by Larry. After reviewing the entirety of the information available (including information not in the public view) the decision was upheld.

In order to protect everyone involved we cannot comment more, and trust that the community will be understanding.  

We do see that there are many feelings and questions around this DrupalCon decision and we empathize with those community members. We will continue to monitor comments. We are listening.

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Episode 123 on the Excel Bot with Jakob Nielsen—Office 365 Developer Podcast

Microsoft Office - Thu, 23/03/2017 - 17:15

In episode 123 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates talk to Jakob Nielsen about the Excel Bot.

Download the podcast.

Weekly updates Show notes

Got questions or comments about the show? Join the O365 Dev Podcast on the Office 365 Technical Network. The podcast RSS is available on iTunes or search for it at “Office 365 Developer Podcast” or add directly with the RSS

About Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen is a principal designer for the Microsoft Office team working on Excel and Office for professional developers and makers. In his 20+ years at Microsoft, he has worked with enterprise customers and partners in Microsoft Consulting Services and on the Dynamics and SharePoint products.

About the hosts

RIchard diZeregaRichard is a software engineer in Microsoft’s Developer Experience (DX) group, where he helps developers and software vendors maximize their use of Microsoft cloud services in Office 365 and Azure. Richard has spent a good portion of the last decade architecting Office-centric solutions, many that span Microsoft’s diverse technology portfolio. He is a passionate technology evangelist and a frequent speaker at worldwide conferences, trainings and events. Richard is highly active in the Office 365 community, popular blogger at and can be found on Twitter at @richdizz. Richard is born, raised and based in Dallas, TX, but works on a worldwide team based in Redmond. Richard is an avid builder of things (BoT), musician and lightning-fast runner.


ACoatesA Civil Engineer by training and a software developer by profession, Andrew Coates has been a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft since early 2004, teaching, learning and sharing coding techniques. During that time, he’s focused on .NET development on the desktop, in the cloud, on the web, on mobile devices and most recently for Office. Andrew has a number of apps in various stores and generally has far too much fun doing his job to honestly be able to call it work. Andrew lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two almost-grown-up children.

Useful links


Yammer Office 365 Technical Network

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Beta: PHP for EasyApache 4 updated

CloudLinux - Thu, 23/03/2017 - 10:28

The new updated PHP for EasyApache 4 are available from the EA4 testing repository.


NOTE: ea-php51 and ea-php52 have no PHP-FPM support. Please use mod_lsapi instead (

ea-php51-php-5.1.6-5.cloudlinux (initial release)

  • CVE-2016-10158 php: Wrong calculation in exif_convert_any_to_int function;
  • CVE-2016-10167 gd: DoS vulnerability in gdImageCreateFromGd2Ctx();
  • CVE-2016-10168 gd: Integer overflow in gd_io.c;
  • CVE-2016-4070 php: Integer overflow in php_raw_url_encode;
  • CVE-2016-7125 php: Session Data Injection Vulnerability;
  • CVE-2016-7126 php: select_colors write out-of-bounds;
  • CVE-2016-7127 php: imagegammacorrect allows arbitrary write access;
  • CVE-2016-7129 php: wddx_deserialize allows illegal memory access;
  • CVE-2016-7130 php: wddx_deserialize null dereference;
  • CVE-2016-7131 php: wddx_deserialize null dereference with invalid xml;
  • CVE-2016-7132 php: wddx_deserialize null dereference in php_wddx_pop_element;
  • CVE-2016-9933 php, gd: Stack overflow in gdImageFillToBorder on truecolor images;
  • CVE-2016-9935 php: Invalid read when wddx decodes empty boolean element;
  • CVE-2006-5465 PHP buffer overflow;
  • CVE-2006-7243 php: paths with NULL character were considered valid;
  • CVE-2007-0455 gd buffer overrun;
  • CVE-2007-1864 php libxmlrpc library overflow;
  • CVE-2007-2756 gd / php-gd ImageCreateFromPng infinite loop caused by truncated PNG;
  • CVE-2007-2872 php chunk_split integer overflow;
  • CVE-2007-3799 php cross-site cookie insertion;
  • CVE-2007-3996 php multiple integer overflows in gd;
  • CVE-2007-3998 php floating point exception inside wordwrap;
  • CVE-2007-4658 php money_format format string issue;
  • CVE-2007-4670 php malformed cookie handling;
  • CVE-2007-4782 php crash in glob() and fnmatch() functions;
  • CVE-2007-5898 php htmlentities/htmlspecialchars multibyte sequences;
  • CVE-2007-5899 php session ID leakage;
  • CVE-2008-2051 PHP multibyte shell escape flaw;
  • CVE-2008-3658 php: buffer overflow in the imageloadfont function in gd extension;
  • CVE-2008-3659 php: buffer overflow in memnstr;
  • CVE-2008-3660 php: FastCGI module DoS via multiple dots preceding the extension;
  • CVE-2008-5498 php: libgd imagerotate() array index error memory disclosure;
  • CVE-2008-5557 php: Heap-based buffer overflow in the mbstring extension via crafted string containing a HTML entity (arb code execution);
  • CVE-2008-5624 php: missing initialization of BG(page_uid) and BG(page_gid);
  • CVE-2008-5625 php: incorrect php_value order for Apache configuration;
  • CVE-2008-5814 php: XSS via PHP error messages;
  • CVE-2008-7068 php: dba_replace() file corruption vulnerability;
  • CVE-2009-2687 php: exif_read_data crash on corrupted JPEG files;
  • CVE-2009-3291 php: openssl extension: Incorrect verification of SSL certificate with NUL in name;
  • CVE-2009-3292 php: exif extension: Multiple missing sanity checks in EXIF file processing;
  • CVE-2009-3546 gd: insufficient input validation in _gdGetColors();
  • CVE-2009-4017 PHP: resource exhaustion attack via upload requests with lots of files;
  • CVE-2009-4142 php: htmlspecialchars() insufficient checking of input for multi-byte encodings;
  • CVE-2010-0397 php: NULL pointer dereference in XML-RPC extension;
  • CVE-2010-1128 php: LCG entropy weakness;
  • CVE-2010-1129 CVE-2010-1130 php: safe_mode / open_basedir security fixes in 5.2.13/5.3.2;
  • CVE-2010-1861 php: shm_put_var interruption vulnerability (MOPS-2010-009);
  • CVE-2010-1868 php: sqlite: use of uninitialized memory triggered by empty SQL query (MOPS-2010-012, MOPS-2010-013);
  • CVE-2010-1917 php: fnmatch long pattern stack memory exhaustion (MOPS-2010-021);
  • CVE-2010-2191 php: multiple interruption vulnerabilities (MOPS-2010-0[49,50,51,52,53,54,55]);
  • CVE-2010-2531 php: information leak vulnerability in var_export();
  • CVE-2010-3065 php: session serializer session data injection vulnerability (MOPS-2010-060);
  • CVE-2010-3870 php: XSS mitigation bypass via utf8_decode();
  • CVE-2011-0708 php: buffer over-read in Exif extension;
  • CVE-2011-1092 php: integer overflow in shmop_read();
  • CVE-2011-1148 php: use-after-free vulnerability in substr_replace();
  • CVE-2011-1466 php: Crash by converting serial day numbers (SDN) into Julian calendar;
  • CVE-2011-1469 php: DoS when using HTTP proxy with the FTP wrapper;
  • CVE-2011-1938 php: stack-based buffer overflow in socket_connect();
  • CVE-2011-2202 php: file path injection vulnerability in RFC1867 file upload filename;
  • CVE-2011-4566 php: integer overflow in exif_process_IFD_TAG() may lead to DoS or arbitrary memory disclosure;
  • CVE-2011-4885 php: hash table collisions CPU usage DoS (oCERT-2011-003);
  • CVE-2012-0830 php: remote code exec flaw introduced in the CVE-2011-4885 hashdos fix;
  • CVE-2012-1172 php: $_FILES array indexes corruption;
  • CVE-2012-1823 php: command line arguments injection when run in CGI mode (VU#520827);
  • CVE-2012-2336 php: incomplete CVE-2012-1823 fix - missing filtering of -T and -h;
  • CVE-2012-2688 php: Integer Signedness issues in _php_stream_scandir;
  • CVE-2012-3365 php: open_basedir bypass via SQLite functionality;
  • CVE-2013-1635 php, php53: Arbitrary locations file write due absent validation of; soap.wsdl_cache_dir configuration directive value;
  • CVE-2013-6420 php: memory corruption in openssl_x509_parse();
  • CVE-2014-2497 gd: NULL pointer dereference in gdImageCreateFromXpm();
  • CVE-2014-3597 php: multiple buffer over-reads in php_parserr;
  • CVE-2014-3669 php: integer overflow in unserialize();
  • CVE-2014-3670 php: heap corruption issue in exif_thumbnail();
  • CVE-2014-8626 php: xmlrpc ISO8601 date format parsing buffer overflow;
  • CVE-2014-9425 php: Double-free in zend_ts_hash_graceful_destroy();
  • CVE-2014-9709 gd: buffer read overflow in gd_gif_in.c;
  • CVE-2015-0235 glibc: __nss_hostname_digits_dots() heap-based buffer overflow;
  • CVE-2015-2348 php: move_uploaded_file() NUL byte injection in file name;
  • CVE-2015-2787 php: use-after-free vulnerability in the process_nested_data function in ext/standard/;
  • CVE-2015-3330 php: pipelined request executed in deinitialized interpreter under httpd 2.4;
  • CVE-2015-3411 php: missing null byte checks for paths in various PHP extensions;
  • CVE-2015-3412 php: missing null byte checks for paths in various PHP extensions;
  • CVE-2015-4022 php: integer overflow leading to heap overflow when reading FTP file listing;
  • CVE-2015-4024 php: multipart/form-data request parsing CPU usage DoS;
  • CVE-2015-4025 php: CVE-2006-7243 regressions in 5.4+;
  • CVE-2015-4026 php: pcntl_exec() accepts paths with NUL character;
  • CVE-2015-4147 php: SoapClient's __call() type confusion through unserialize();
  • CVE-2015-4148 php: SoapClient's do_soap_call() type confusion after unserialize();
  • CVE-2015-4598 php: missing null byte checks for paths in DOM and GD extensions;
  • CVE-2015-4599 CVE-2015-4600 CVE-2015-4601 php: type confusion issue in unserialize() with various SOAP methods;
  • CVE-2015-4602 php: Incomplete Class unserialization type confusion;
  • CVE-2015-4603 php: exception::getTraceAsString type confusion issue after unserialize;
  • CVE-2015-4603 php: exception::getTraceAsString type confusion issue after unserialize;
  • CVE-2015-6835 php: use-after-free vulnerability in session deserializer;
  • CVE-2015-6836 php: SOAP serialize_function_call() type confusion;
  • CVE-2015-6837 CVE-2015-6838 php: NULL pointer dereference in XSLTProcessor class;
  • CVE-2015-8835 php: type confusion issue in Soap Client call() method;
  • CVE-2016-10161 php: Out-of-bounds heap read on unserialize in finish_nested_data();
  • CVE-2016-3074 php: Signedness vulnerability causing heap overflow in libgd;
  • CVE-2016-5094 php: Integer overflow in php_html_entities();
  • CVE-2016-5399 php: Improper error handling in bzread();
  • CVE-2016-5766 gd: Integer Overflow in _gd2GetHeader() resulting in heap overflow;
  • CVE-2016-5772 php: Double Free Corruption in wddx_deserialize;
  • CVE-2016-6288 php: Buffer over-read in php_url_parse_ex;
  • CVE-2016-6289 php: Integer overflow leads to buffer overflow in virtual_file_ex;
  • CVE-2016-6290 php: Use after free in unserialize() with Unexpected Session Deserialization;
  • CVE-2016-6296 php: Heap buffer overflow vulnerability in simplestring_addn in simplestring.c;
  • CVE-2016-7128 php: Memory Leakage In exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF;
  • CVE-2016-7418 php: Null pointer dereference in php_wddx_push_element;
  • bug 37368: Incorrect timestamp returned for strtotime();
  • bug 37514: strtotime doesn't assume year correctly;
  • bug 37850: Reference counting bug in SoapClient::__setSoapHeaders();
  • bug 38534: segmentation fault;
  • bug 40109: iptcembed fails on non-jfif jpegs;
  • bug 40467: Partial SOAP request sent when XSD sequence or choice include minOccurs=0;
  • bug 41004: minOccurs="0" and null class member variable;
  • bug 45706: Serializing of ArrayIterator extended Objects;
  • bug 47245: crash following mb_detect_encoding;
  • bug 65481: Shutdown segfault due to serialize;
  • bug 70661: Use After Free Vulnerability in WDDX Packet Deserialization;
  • bug 70728: Type Confusion Vulnerability in PHP_to_XMLRPC_worker();
  • bug 70741: Session WDDX Packet Deserialization Type Confusion Vulnerability;
  • bug 71039: exec functions ignore length but look for NULL termination;
  • bug 71459: Integer overflow in iptcembed();
  • bug 71587: Use-After-Free / Double-Free in WDDX Deserialize;
  • bug 72482: Illegal write/read access caused by gdImageAALine overflow;
  • bug 72771: ftps:// wrapper is vulnerable to protocol downgrade attack;
  • bug 72807: integer overflow in curl_escape caused heap corruption;
  • bug 72836: integer overflow in base64_decode caused heap corruption;
  • bug 72837: integer overflow in bzdecompress caused heap corruption;
  • bug 72849: integer overflow in urlencode caused heap corruption;
  • bug 72850: integer overflow in php_uuencode caused heap corruption;
  • bug 73017: memory corruption in wordwrap function;
  • bug 73073: CachingIterator null dereference when convert to string;
  • bug 73082: string length overflow in mb_encode_* function;
  • bug 73150: missing NULL check in dom_document_save_html;
  • bug 73208: integer overflow in imap_8bit caused heap corruption;
  • bug 73418: Integer Overflow in "_php_imap_mail" leads Heap Overflow;
  • bug 73452: Segfault (Regression for #69152);
  • EA-5807: enabled php-tidy on rhel 6 and above;
  • EA-5946: force requirement of ea-libtidy instead of .so from BuildRequires ea-libtidy-devel;
  • Disabled automatic Requires generation for curl subpackage;
  • ALTPHP-306: LSPHP: Return response code and response status line in cgi/fcgi manner;
  • use ea-libcurl 7.53.1 instead of system curl package, see for details.


  • Improve check for :memory: pseudo-filename in SQlite (CVE-2012-3365);
  • bug 70081: SoapClient info leak / null pointer dereference via multiple type confusions (CVE-2015-8835);
  • Added check that soap.wsdl_cache_dir conforms to open_basedir (CVE-2013-1635);
  • bug 70350: ZipArchive::extractTo allows for directory traversal when creating directories (CVE-2014-9767);
  • Disabled external entities loading (CVE-2013-1643, CVE-2013-1824);
  • bug 72627: Memory Leakage In exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF (CVE-2016-7128);
  • EA-5807: enable php-tidy on rhel 6 and above;
  • EA-5946: force requirement of ea-libtidy instead of .so from BuildRequires ea-libtidy-devel;
  • Disabled automatic Requires generation for curl subpackage;
  • ALTPHP-306: LSPHP: Return response code and response status line in cgi/fcgi manner;
  • use ea-libcurl 7.53.1 instead of system curl package, see for details.







To update run:

yum clean all --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing yum update ea-php* --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing

To install:


yum-config-manager --enable cl-ea4-testing

Install one of the profiles (allphp_cl, allphp_cl_lsapi, allphp-opcache_cl, allphp-opcache_cl) via the web interface or via the command line tool.


yum-config-manager --disable cl-ea4-testing
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Buongiorno, Roma! Cloudflare Data Center CV

CloudFlare - Wed, 22/03/2017 - 22:14

CC-BY 2.0 image by Ilaria Giacomi

We’re excited to announce Cloudflare’s 105th data center in Rome. Visitors in Italy (and especially around the region of Lazio) to over 6 million Internet properties now benefit from reduced latency and increased security. As our global network grows in breadth and capacity, we are able to stop attacks (typically, outside of Italy!), while serving legitimate traffic from our nearest in-country data center. Rome serves as a point of redundancy to our existing data center in Milan, and expands Cloudflare’s Europe network to 29 cities, with at least five more cities already in the works.

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare il 105esimo data center di Cloudflare a Roma. Utenti in tutta Italia (e specialmente nel Lazio e regioni limitrofe) insieme ad oltre 6 milioni di proprietà in rete beneficeranno di latenze ridotte e maggior sicurezza. Con la crescita della nostra rete sia in copertura che capacità, abbiamo la possibilità di fermare attacchi (tipicamente originati fuori del territorio Italiano!) e di servire traffico legittimo dal data center più vicino. Roma offre maggiore ridondanza nella rete in coppia con il data center di Milano ed espande la rete Europea di Cloudflare a 29 città, contando almeno altre 5 maggiori città in via di completamento.

To close followers of Cloudflare blog, with Rome (R) and Yerevan (Y) live, the only remaining letters that aren’t as yet at the start of a city with a Cloudflare datacenter are E, I and U. Our hardware on its way to a transcontinental city promises to makes that list even smaller.

Per chi segue il blog di Cloudflare da vicino, con Roma (R) e Yerevan (Y) attive, la lista di iniziali di città in cui non abbiamo un data center si riduce a E, I e U. Il nostro hardware è già in viaggio verso un città transcontinentale e promettiamo di ridurre ulteriormente la sopra citata lista.


Cloudflare partners closely with hosting providers, value-added resellers, managed service providers, digital agencies, and eCommerce/SaaS platforms to optimize our service. If you are a customer working with one of our partners in Italy, which include Altervista, Planetel and among many others, you will also see an improvement in performance. Plus, it only takes a few clicks to add Cloudflare via one of these partners to make your site faster and safer in seconds. To become a Cloudflare partner, in Italy or anywhere around the world, click here.

Cloudflare collabora strettamente con hosting providers, value added resellers, managed service providers, agenzie digitali e piattaforme eCommerce/SaaS per ottimizzare i servizi. Se sei cliente di uno dei nostri partners in Italia, tra cui citiamo Altervista, Planetel e, anche voi noterete un aumento di performance. Inoltre, tramite questi partners, con pochi clic si può aggiungere Cloudflare e rendere il tuo sito più veloce e sicuri nel giro di pochi secondi. Per diventare partner di Cloudflare, in Italia o ovunque nel mondo, clicca qui.

Another day, another continent

After Asia, South America and Europe, our 106th Cloudflare data center will be back in North America. Everything’s up to date in our next city! To win some Cloudflare swag: can you guess the name?

Dopo Asia, Sud America ed Europa, il 106esimo data center verrà attivato in Nord America. Vuoi vincere un premio? Indovina la prossima città dove “Everything’s up to date”!

- The Cloudflare Team

The Cloudflare network today

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We need your feedback - LVE Manager Beta 2 Released

CloudLinux - Wed, 22/03/2017 - 20:03


Be amongst the first to try our second beta of new admin UI for LVE Manager.

The new user interface was released to beta two months ago, and it has been now improved! Our team fixed a number of bugs as well as improved overall performance and responsiveness of the interface.

To find more about new LVE Manager watch our CloudLinux Academy webinar ( ).The new interface unifies control over all parts of CloudLinux OS functionality into one place and makes it easy and convenient for sys admins to manage CloudLinux settings.

We are hoping to release this beta to production soon - and we need your feedback for that. We encourage you to try our new improved LVE Manager. If you want to try this new beta, please install the upgrade package from our upgrades-testing repository:

$ yum update cagefs lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Change log


- LVES-677 - Make StatsNotifier workable on Plesk

- LVEMAN-1075: Remove files for old lve-stats1; add conflict with lve-stats1

- LVES-678 Make StatsNotifier workable on DirectAdmin

- PTCLLIB-86 - Fix TypeError when trying to get user domains on DA

- LU-364 Few Mysql governor api calls now returns 0 on success

- PTCLLIB-83 Plugin detection results now cached only for third-party plugins Replace dangerous exec() with import_module() for plugin loading

- PTCLLIB-85: Fix ValueError when retrieving user io limit and it is less than 1mb/s



- LU-380: Fix traceback when try to set speed limit that bigger than machine's maximum limit witout "%" sign.

- LU-374: Fix behavior of "cloudlinux-limits" when reset limits to package default. Part II

- LU-336: --save-all-parameters option of lvectl should correctly process speed limits

- LU-374: Fix behavior of "cloudlinux-limits" when reset limits to package default

- LU-376: Fix traceback in 'cloudlinux-selector --json set --selector-status=disabled/enabled' on Plesk

- LU-373: Fix behaviour for keys `--get-user-reseller`, `--userid`, etc in getcontrolpaneluserspackages

- LU-366: Fix /usr/sbin/processpaneluserspackages traceback

- LU-363: Add ability to cl-packages to pass package name as string of codes

- LU-364 Accumulate ret codes during cllimits set Fixed trace when Mysql governor isn't installed

- LU-360: Create key `--get-user-reseller` for getcontrolpaneluserspackages script for DA and Plesk

- LU-343: "cloudlinux-limits set" command should return new limits as json

- LU-367: Fix cloudlinux-limits traceback is user's package contains quotas

- LU-198 Fix: save_xml() was not atomic. Used tmp file + os.rename to make it atomic (implement locking while processing ve.cfg file)

- LU-340: Allow to save speed limits without % (part 2)

- LU-128: rewrite /usr/sbin/processpaneluserspackages from perl to python

- LU-351: Fix error during saving new limits for package with non-ascii characters

- LU-359: Fix cloudlinux-config hangs during MySQL Governer configuration

- LU-356: Hide "Select PHP version" icon in the user interface of cPanel when selector is disabled

- LU-348: LVE Manager -> Packages fails on DA and Plesk

- LU-336: --save-all-parameters option of lvectl should correctly process speed limits

- LU-279: lveps does not work due to cpu frequency in the /proc/cpuinfo = 0

- LVEMAN-1072: Fix behavior of Reset button for inodes limits in Options



- LVES-700: Fix "invalid literal for float()" when trying to get LiteSpeed request time in snapshot

- LVES-710: Fix IOError when sending message to sentry under user

- LVES-701: Add clearing old snapshots

- LVES-652: Every time show mysql fields in cloudlinux-statistics if mySqlGov enabled (part 2)

- LVES-676: Return io values in same units of measurement in cloudlinux-top and cloudlinux-statistics



- WEB-488: Fix position for Unrestrict button, message and page reloading in Current usage tab.

- WEB-489: Show tooltip in "Current Usage" tab if radio-button "Domain" selected.

- WEB-484: Do not show MySQL statistics on statistics tab if MySQL is not selected for showing.

- WEB-485: SPA plugin becomes broken after update to cPanel EDGE

- WEB-440: Implement placeholder on Options tab for DA and Plesk when no governor in the system.

- Revert "WEB-362: Install Imunify LVE Manager settings button"

-LVEMAN-1051 implement PHP Selector without CageFS (for single account on a server)

-WEB-468 Gerrit trigger

-WEB-464 Insert static data into rpm packages, created by build system

-WEB-465 Show the biggest format of all IO in lvemanager

-WEB-466 Handle logout error in cpanel

-LVEMAN-1067: Missed file "/etc/cron.d/lvemanager-selector" after clean installation lvemanager

-CAG-537 add --apply-global-php-ini option

-WEB-438 Fix view of SPA plugin on cPanel EDGE to allow user's read alerts

-WEB-406 Fix does not display tooltips built-in svg-graphics

-WEB-374 Do not allow admin to edit Mysql limits if governor mode if all \ off

-WEB-304 Add starting loader to cpanel as it is done in direct admin

-WEB-384 Fix for [-] button for user in Users tab in Edit mode

-WEB-370 Fix loader bug in MS Edge

-WEB-443 - In settings on cPanel save button disappeared

-WEB-391 Add possibility to manage unit of CPU value via SPA plugin

-WEB-448 IO in history doesn`t show"

-WEB-441 Fix Loader when pressing Save button in Users tab.

-LVEMAN-1002: Add clquota -YC to cron

-WEB-362 Install Imunify LVE Manager settings button

-LVEMAN-1054: Fix for inodes usage  in cPanel stats bar and in Current Usage in user interface

- WEB-415: Investigate and add protection of CSRF Attack vulnerability for spa lvemanager

- WEB-380:Add convertion for I/O and MySQL I/O in Current Usage

- WEB-399 Temporary disable LVE Faults Email Notifications on DirectAdmin and Plesk

- WEB-389 Must save only changed users limits (speed/inodes/ep/etc)

- WEB-419:Limits in History doesn`t show"

- WEB-373 Fix for governor options in Options tab

- WEB-395 Handle of end of panel session

- WEB-402 Fix bread crumbs in SPA.

- WEB-352: Implement sentry to lvemanager spa

- WEB-386 User editing bugs

- WEB-393 Investigate the reported vulnerability in PHP selector webUI

- WEB-390 radiobutton 'Domain' behavior on Current Usage tab

- WEB-382 Do not show VMEM column if it is empty

- WEB-387 Add loader on options page

- WEB-404 Improve validation in lve-manager/users

- WEB-336 Add two checkboxes in Package

- WEB-376 Use promises

- WEB-377 Fix small problems before Webinar

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Office Store brings you Power BI custom visuals

Microsoft Office - Wed, 22/03/2017 - 19:52

The Office Store is introducing Power BI custom visuals to download and use in Power BI service reports and Power BI Desktop. Users will be able to easily discover and quickly download BI visualizations that interact with data to find key insights and drive important business decisions. Power BI custom visuals provide compelling data visualizations created by members of the community and by Microsoft. They behave just like the native rich visualizations already included with Power BI but can also be filtered, highlighted, edited and shared.

Here are some examples:

  • Word Cloud—Visualize the text in your data in a beautiful way.

  • SandDance—See all your data as grains of sand with animated transitions between views to help you explore, understand and communicate insights in your data.
  • Correlation plot—An advanced analytics visual based on R script to highlight correlations in your data.

Check Power BI custom visuals out for yourself—get started today!

The post Office Store brings you Power BI custom visuals appeared first on Office Blogs.

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Linkit - Moderately Critical - Access Bypass - DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-033

Drupal Contrib Security - Wed, 22/03/2017 - 16:40

Linkit provides an easy interface for internal and external linking with WYSIWYG editors by using an autocomplete field.

When searching for entities, this module doesn't always enforce the access restrictions and users may see information about entities they should not be able to access.

This is mitigated by the fact that a user must have access to a text format that uses Linkit.

CVE identifier(s) issued
  • A CVE identifier will be requested, and added upon issuance, in accordance with Drupal Security Team processes.
Versions affected
  • Linkit 8.x-4.x versions prior to 8.x-4.3.

Drupal core is not affected. If you do not use the contributed Linkit- Enriched linking experience module, there is nothing you need to do.


Install the latest version:

  • If you use the Linkit module for Drupal 8.x, upgrade to Linkit 8.x-4.3

Also see the Linkit- Enriched linking experience project page.

Reported by Fixed by Coordinated by Contact and More Information

The Drupal security team can be reached at security at or via the contact form at

Learn more about the Drupal Security team and their policies, writing secure code for Drupal, and securing your site.

Follow the Drupal Security Team on Twitter at

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