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El Salvador Finca San Jose

Has Blog - Fri, 24/02/2017 - 13:35
Today we launch Finca San Jose red bourbon from El Salvador and Gloria Rodriguez. BUY ME HERE Gloria has worked with us since way back in 2007, and is one of our longest and consistent relationships in El Salvador I am sure she thinks I am crazy, as when I turn up theres normally some…

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Has Blog - Fri, 10/02/2017 - 15:15
Some things have changed since we first opened our doors, but my thoughts on sourcing travel and relationships haven't really.
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Vincent Paye, Bolivia

Has Blog - Fri, 03/02/2017 - 12:46
"......Year on year his coffee is getting better and better with every step he takes. Just 12 months on from my last visit you can visibly see an already healthy farm, getting better and better. A true family farm, that is acting like the professional producer he is....."
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Honey Monster Process

Has Blog - Fri, 27/01/2017 - 13:01
For those who are curious about the honeys: Francisco Mena explains Costa Rican Honey Process in this cleverly illustrated video by Tentacle Media.
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Brew Guides

Has Blog - Mon, 16/01/2017 - 02:31
So following on from the coffee 101 blog post, I’m still looking at the newbies with the new equipment for Christmas, who might be struggling to get the best out of their new kit. Fear not, I’m here to help. Of course coffee101 is a good place to start, but doesn’t get into the nitty … Continue reading "Brew Guides"
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Coffee 101

Has Blog - Thu, 05/01/2017 - 15:02
Happy new year to old friends, I hope that you got all the coffee gifts you wished over the festive period. Welcome also to new people finding us here, I know that at this time of year we see an influx of new coffee converts, people who were lucky enough to get equipment, subscriptions and … Continue reading "Coffee 101"
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