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The Proclamation Trust
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Praying for PT.

Mon, 01/04/2019 - 09:44

Thank you so much for your continued partnership in the gospel. If you had some time this week either individually or as churches would you pray for us at PT?

Here are some specific prayer points:

  • Please give thanks for a blessed year of great encouragement and fresh appreciation of God’s faithfulness to us at PT.
  • Please pray for the current Cornhill applications that are currently being processed and student interviews. Pray we would be wise in offering places especially to the international students who will most benefit from doing Cornhill with us.
  • Pray for the students soon to finish with us at Cornhill, pray they would know God’s faithfulness and leading as to what the next steps might look like. Pray they would continue to be dangerous for the Lord Jesus as they continue to handle God’s Word faithfully.
  • Pray for the Minister’s conferences coming up at the end of April, beginning of May. We have David Helm and Johnny Juckes speaking. Pray it would be an encouraging, equipping and engaging time for the 160 ministers coming.
  • Pray also for the EMA at the end of June. Our conference is called Lifted Up: Preaching the Cross. Pray we would have good numbers of people glorying in the cross together as we sit under God’s Word. Pray as we move to the new venue at Westminster Chapel that things would run smoothly and not distract from the content of the conference.
  • Pray also for preaching conferences that we are endeavouring to run in Greece and Belgium in the coming months.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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