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Drupal OAuth Server ( OAuth Provider) - Single Sign On ( SSO ) - Moderately critical - SQL Injection - SA-CONTRIB-2020-034

Wed, 14/10/2020 - 15:38
Project: Drupal OAuth Server ( OAuth Provider) - Single Sign On ( SSO )Date: 2020-October-14Security risk: Moderately critical 12∕25 AC:Basic/A:None/CI:None/II:Some/E:Theoretical/TD:DefaultVulnerability: SQL InjectionDescription: 

This module enables you login into any OAuth 2.0 compliant application using Drupal credentials.

The 8.x branch of the module is vulnerable to SQL injection.


Install the latest version:

  • If you use the Drupal OAuth Server module for Drupal 8.x, upgrade to 8.x-1.1
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