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PHP 7.1.17 Released

PHP - 4 hours 58 min ago
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New features you can now get for DirectAdmin

CloudLinux - 5 hours 6 min ago

If you didn’t miss our previous announcement, you already know that Imunify360 is now available for DirectAdmin. It is currently in beta, but will be released to a stable version soon.

Imunify360 Web Server Security for DirectAdmin

If you are using DirectAdmin, you can now secure your websites with Imunify360. All Imunify360 features -- advanced firewall, malware scanning (antivirus), IDS/IPS protection, reputation management, and much more -- are now fully integrated into DirectAdmin. Our newest feature, CloudLinux Backup for Imunify360 is also available to DirectAdmin control panel customers. And of course, it offers the 10 GB of free monthly storage as well. To learn more about it, read this blog post.

Imunify360 is available for a free 30-day trial, which you can get here, or by logging into CloudLinux Network (CLN) if you already have an account.

If you have any feedback regarding the new features, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95 = 'feedback' + '@'; addy3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95 = addy3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95 + 'imunify360' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_text3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95 = 'feedback' + '@' + 'imunify360' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95').innerHTML += ''+addy_text3cb0c56584636b8d6a2e0c8dcdd9dd95+'<\/a>'; - our Imunify360 team would love to hear from you.

CloudLinux OS Reseller Limits for DirectAdmin

For CloudLinux OS customers that use DirectAdmin, we have finally released the Reseller Limits feature. It allows hosting providers to offer more valuable services to their resellers. It empowers resellers to expand their offering to their end-users, adjust their pricing models, and optimize space usage.

Hosting providers can set limits on the amount of resources each reseller can operate. It gives tools to the resellers to control the resources each end-user has right inside DirectAdmin control panel. These resources include CPU, IO, memory, number of processes, and concurrent connections per each end-user. More information can be found here.

If you have any feedback regarding the new features for CloudLinux, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addyf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc = 'feedback' + '@'; addyf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc = addyf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc + 'cloudlinux' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_textf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc = 'feedback' + '@' + 'cloudlinux' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc').innerHTML += ''+addy_textf8c25e418bbaa0c5c44f856ed80c08fc+'<\/a>'; . We would love to hear any feedback you might provide regarding Reseller Limits.

Beta: Imunify360 3.1.2 is here

CloudLinux - 5 hours 29 min ago

We are pleased to announce that a new updated Imunify360 beta version 3.1.2 is now available. This latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as the new features. The most notable features are as follows.



  • DEF-4656: agent restart is forced during upgrade if it hangs;
  • DEF-4709: implemented mod_sec rules disabling for DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4755: improved mod_sec vendors handling on DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4771: DirectAdmin: adapted Imunify360 UI to new evolution skin;
  • DEF-4844: submit malware files to Malware Response System;
  • DEF-4915: investigated and fixed issues with CloudLinux Backup;
  • DEF-4943: incident access_denied field is now sent to server;
  • DEF-4958: removed --domains argument from CLI 'rules enable'.


  • DEF-3780: increased CLI timeout to 5 minutes;
  • DEF-4802: Heuristic is now read signs during scan instead of during init;
  • DEF-4918: fixed ValueError in IgnoreList;
  • DEF-4919: fixed OperationalError: too many SQL variables;
  • DEF-4875: fixed TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable;
  • DEF-4896: fixed IntegrityError: column hash is not unique;
  • DEF-4909: avoid failing transaction in scriptlet;
  • DEF-4911: fixed an issue when Agent fails to detect Apache is running;
  • DEF-4952: fixed IntegrityError in whitelist_current_user.

To install a new beta Imunify360 version 3.1.2 please follow the instructions in the documentation.

The upgrading is available since Imunify360 version 2.0-19.

To upgrade Imunify360 run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall --enablerepo=imunify360-testing

More information on Imunify360 can be found here.

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What's Coming Up in May

The Good Book Company - 6 hours 59 min ago

We’ve got an exciting month of releases coming up…

The Art of Rest by Adam Mabry

Lead Pastor of Aletheia Church, Boston Adam Mabry is a self-professed rest failure but with God’s grace he’s begun to learn the art of rest and wants to share it with you. We live at a time when busyness is celebrated and rest is seen as a waste of time or missed opportunity. If we’re not out doing something, we’re living it vicariously through social media and probably experiencing FOMO. Rest in 2018 looks like Netflix, enjoying a bath, practising mindfulness and having a nap: these aren’t bad in and of themselves (I for one am a champion of the humble nap), however they aren’t what the Bible describes as rest. Jesus said  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11 v 28-30). When you get home from church on a Sunday evening, do you feel rested and barely burdened or exhausted and anxious? Adam claims that biblical rest is less rule and more rhythm as he lays out a pattern of rest for our entire lives, not just for Sundays. Find out more about the book here


Life Tastes Better by Terry Virgo  

As founder of the Newfrontiers church network, Terry has drawn from decades of experience in sharing the gospel to produce a short, evangelistic book about what life with Jesus is really like. It’s true that many people think following Jesus will make life worse not better. But what we see in the gospels is that Jesus wasn’t a dull, boring, religious figure. He went to parties, had time for all sorts of people and ate breakfast on the beach with his mates. He said “ I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10 v 10)— as Christians we could do well to remember this. It might just be one of the most powerful witnesses to the presence of Christ in our lives. Find out more here.

Down, Not Out by Chris Cipollone

Mental health is becoming less stigmatised, more talked about and increasingly better understood by sufferers and non-sufferers alike. Praise God! However, we still have a way to go, particularly in processing what living with mental health looks like for Christians. That’s why Chris Cipollone wrote this book. In his own words “depression is something that I’ve lived with for almost 10 years—I ended up in a psychiatric clinic towards the end of my theological studies and I began preaching what I’d learnt to myself: what would I say to someone in my situation?” Down, Not Out has been created with thought and intention: the chapters are short and the design is clean and uncluttered. Dr Andrew Nicholls called Down, Not Out, “a book the church needs” and Adam Ford said that it’s “an encouraging book for those of us suffering from anxiety and depression and a helpful guide for those who do not”. Chris sums it up well when he says: “What is distinctive about this book is that I’ve shown a lot of myself—my hope is that it will be relatable for people”. Click here to find out more about the book. 

5 Things to Pray for Your Heart by Rachel Jones

This is fourth in the award winning ‘5 Things to Pray’ series by Rachel Jones. Praying can be hard: often our prayers feel like shopping-list style requests or last-minute pleas to get through the day. But God wants us to pray bigger, better, bolder prayers for ourselves. And that’s where this book comes in. It has 5 simple suggestions for each area of our Christian life, drawn from the Bible; because when we pray in line with God’s will, exciting things start happening! Pre-order your copy here

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CloudLinux Tuned Profiles Stable Update

CloudLinux - 6 hours 59 min ago

The tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package brings a range of kernel under-the-hood tunings to address high LA, iowait issues that were detected earlier on particular users deploys. The package also encloses OOM adjustments to prioritize the elimination of overrun php, lsphp, Phusion Passenger workers processes over other processes (e.g. ssh, a cron job).

The latest updates allowed the CloudLinux Team to fix issues with MariaDB by increasing pid_max value in kernel. Also, we improved large-partition servers performance (you can read more about it here).

Now, there are also CloudLinux profiles for CloudLinux 6 and CloudLinux 7. The tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package is now installed and activated by default after the installation of CloudLinux. By means of this package, the CloudLinux Team ultimately strives to provide their customers with the highest levels of CloudLinux performance. Please note that you should not have other custom profiles installed in order for the tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package to work properly.



  • LU-578: added vfs_cache_min_ratio=0 to tuned profile;
  • LU-406: CloudLinux 6: tuned-profile is now not disabled upon pkg deletion if it was not cloudlinux-*;
  • LU-381: overwriting current active profile for CloudLinux 6 is now prevented;
  • LU-712: added kernel.pid_max=4194303 to tuned profile.

To update run:

yum update tuned-profiles-cloudlinux
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Aristotle on Woman

Peter Leithart - 9 hours 9 min ago
Aristotle taught that women are defective men, with rational and moral capacities inferior to men. This is evident in generation, where the man provides the form, the fertilized seed, while the woman plays a passive role. It’s sometimes argued that Aristotle’s philosophy of femininity simply reflects his age, with its limited knowledge of the biology […]
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PHP 7.0.30 Released

PHP - 9 hours 10 min ago
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I Am

Peter Leithart - 10 hours 9 min ago
Seven times in John’s Gospel, Jesus says “I am” with a predicate: 1)I am the bread of life, 6:35 2) I am the light of the world, 8:12 3) I am the door of the sheep, 10:7 4) I am the good shepherd, 10:14 5) I am the resurrection and the life, 11:25 6) I […]
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Beta: LVE Manager updated

CloudLinux - 10 hours 22 min ago

A new updated LVE Manager package is now available for download from our updates-testing repository.



  • LVEMAN-1274: fixed using subdomains to create NodeJS applications;
  • PTCLLIB-115: fixed alt-python* postinstall scriptlet;
  • LVEMAN-1262: Python Selector: fixed pip error "no such option: --allow-all-external".

To update run:

yum update lvemanager --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
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From sentiment alone to wealth

Adam Smith Institute - 10 hours 25 min ago

Adam Smith (1723-1790) is best known for his pioneering work of economics, The Wealth of Nations (1776). But the book that actually propelled him to fame was The Theory of Moral Sentiments, published in April in 1759.

It was a sensation, and it made Smith into hot intellectual property. That's because moralists had been struggling for centuries to work out the principles that made some actions morally good and others morally bad. To clerics, the answer was obvious: the word of God. And believers relied on the clerics' moral authority to guide them. Skeptics, on the other hand speculated about whether we had a sixth sense, a 'moral sense' that would guide us towards good. And so it went on.

Smith's breakthrough was to place our moral judgements as a matter of our deep psychology as social creatures. Human beings, he argued, have a natural 'sympathy' (today we would say 'empathy') for each other, particularly those nearest to them. That empathy enables them to understand how to adjust and moderate their behaviour in order to win the favour of others and preserve social harmony. It is the basis of moral judgements about behaviour, and the source of human virtue.

Writing exactly a century before Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species (1859), Smith was not sure why such beneficial social behaviour should prevail. He put it down to providence: today we would put it down to evolution.

The Theory of Moral Sentiments was an intellectual sensation, a best seller. Churchmen, of couse, did not like it very much. But it impressed Charles Townsend, a leading intellectual and senior member of the British government (roughly the equivalent of the Chancellor of the Exchequer today). He sought an introduction to Smith through their mutual friend, the philosopher David Hume (1711-1776). Townsend immediately hired Smith, on a salary of £300 a year for life, to be tutor to his stepson, the young Duke of Buccleuch. It was a small fortune. And it gave Smith the independence and experience to start writing the world for which he is best remembered today: The Wealth of Nations.

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Trump-Macron: unrequited love in the White House

Lustig's Letter - 11 hours 30 min ago

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has been in the US on a State visit. While he was there, something very strange happened.
Their hands touched lightly. Their lips brushed against each other's cheeks. Even in public, they couldn't stop pawing each other. On the knee. The back. A speck of imaginary dandruff, flicked from a shoulder.
'We have to make him perfect. He is perfect.' The words were barely audible. If this wasn't true love, romantic fiction was dead as a literary genre.
But then, the very next day, such hurtful words, designed to wound -- how could the young Frenchman -- young? Oh yes, he was young -- say such terrible things?
'We will not let the rampaging work of extreme nationalism shake a world full of hopes for greater prosperity.' The words were like a red-hot dagger to the Older Man's heart.
Everyone was looking at him. They knew. The whole world knew. The Younger Man had known what he was doing -- it was so obvious, so deliberate.
The Older Man felt the ground sway beneath his feet. When they were holding hands, it was as if there was nothing they could not do together. They had even kissed. But now -- he was angry. Humiliated. Confused.
This was not how a Younger Man should behave. How big had the crowd at his inauguration been, after all? Nothing like as big as the Older Man's crowd. Everyone knew that. The Older Man's crowd had been the biggest anyone had ever seen. Anywhere. It had been the Biggest Crowd Ever Seen On Earth.
He had bared his soul. He had spoken openly of his feelings. What was it he had said? 'I like him a lot.' A lot. He had never said that about anybody before. Not even at New York Military Academy when he was thirteen years old.
The young Frenchman's words echoed in the Older Man's head. 'Commercial war is not the proper answer.' How could he? He couldn't have forgotten that only last month, the Older Man had said exactly the opposite.
'Trade wars are good and easy to win.' That was what the Older Man had said. Yet the Younger Man had ignored it. No, it was worse than that. He had contradicted it. 
The Older Man had done everything he could to show his love. And this was how he was repaid. Before the Younger Man had left town, he had even called him 'insanc'.
Insane? I'll show him what insane looks like. Wait till he sees what I do to the Iran nuclear agreement. Wait till he sees how I twist Rocket Man round my little finger (which, by the way, isn't little at all. Fake news, folks!) when we finally get to meet. Correction: if we finally get to meet. Keep 'em guessing.
The Older Man was in a rage. He would not be treated like this. He was the Humiliator, not the Humiliated. He would never, ever declare his love again.
The Younger Man had said: 'I do not share the fascination for new strong powers, the abandonment of freedom and the illusion of nationalism.'
Yeah, right, fumed the Older Man. Just watch me as I hold hands with that virile young Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, or bare-chested Vladimir Putin. I even hugged prime minister Narendra Modi of India -- and he's got a beard! (Author's note: there is nothing wrong with hugging men with beards.)
Who knows who I'll hug next? But I can tell you this: whoever it is, I won't say I like them. Not in public, anyway. Never again.
(Note: every single word in quotation marks above was actually spoken. The rest -- I hope -- is largely imaginary.)
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PHP 7.2.5 Released

PHP - 11 hours 57 min ago
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Seriously, of all the ludicrous things to worry about in the economy...

Adam Smith Institute - 15 hours 9 min ago

That Amazon's a pretty large company is true, that it's made Jeff Bezos very rich is also so. It's also possible to worry about all sorts of things in the economy. True, we tend to worry more about the amount of everything swallowed by the maw of government than others do but still, there are, we agree, real and valid bits and pieces to worry about.

That Amazon competes with other businesses really isn't one of those worries, but it's being claimed as one

But the consumer trust it has built up does not reflect the damage the company does to competitors, partners and workers, according to Khan. “Only looking at a consumer side of a business power is totally ludicrous. It slices the human in half, not looking at them as a worker, producer or supplier.”

Well, as Adam Smith did point out - the sole purpose of production is consumption after all - that is the way w should think of the economy and matters economic. From the point of view of the consumer, what benefits them. But there's a doubling down on this bad idea here:

Without regulation, Amazon will “continue to extract wealth that other businesses are creating”, Khan added.

That's entirely what we want the company to be doing of course. That lust for profit leads to experimentation in how to extract it from us. Another name for which is innovation. Successful innovation - that which extracts excess profits from us - breeds its own competition. Thereby bringing profit down to normal levels, leaving us out here with the consumer surplus of the innovation bred out of the experimentation.

That's actually the point of the system, that some small fraction of the value generated sticks to the entrepreneurs and the capitalists - just enough to get them to keep on keeping on -  while we consumers gain near all of the benefit. Exactly what has made us all so stonkingly rich by any historical or global standard. 

There are even things which made this modern world which we can and should complain about but why this one? Businesses competing with each other make us rich? We're going to whine about that? 

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Durham Cathedral to host CEO Sleepout

Anglican Ink - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 21:19

Bishop of Durham, Dean of Durham and Business Leaders from the region take part in CEO Sleepout at Durham Cathedral

Jesus the Homeless unveiled

Anglican Ink - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 21:14

A sculpture of a homeless Jesus sleeping on a bench was unveiled today following a short service of dedication by the Bishop of Manchester. 

Candidates for Scottish episcopal elections announced

Anglican Ink - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 21:01

Scotland doubling down in its gay advocacy

Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference

PHP - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 20:31
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JSON API - Moderately critical - Cross Site Request Forgery - SA-CONTRIB-2018-021

Drupal Contrib Security - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 18:43
Project: JSON APIVersion: 8.x-1.15Date: 2018-April-25Security risk: Moderately critical 11∕25 AC:Basic/A:Admin/CI:Some/II:Some/E:Theoretical/TD:UncommonVulnerability: Cross Site Request ForgeryDescription: 

This module provides a JSON API standards-compliant API for accessing and manipulating Drupal content and configuration entities.

The module doesn't provide CSRF protection when processing authenticated traffic using cookie-based authentication.

This vulnerability is mitigated by the fact that an attacker must be allowed to create or modify entities of a certain type, and a very specific and uncommon CORS configuration that allows all other pre-checks to be skipped.


Install the latest version:

  • If you use the JSON API module for Drupal 8.x, upgrade to 8.x-1.16
Reported By: Fixed By: Coordinated By: 
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DRD Agent - Critical - PHP object injection - SA-CONTRIB-2018-022

Drupal Contrib Security - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 18:37
Project: DRD AgentDate: 2018-April-25Security risk: Critical 15∕25 AC:None/A:None/CI:None/II:Some/E:Theoretical/TD:AllVulnerability: PHP object injectionDescription: 

This module enables you to monitor and manage any number of remote Drupal sites and aggregate useful information for administrators in a central dashboard.

The modules (DRD and DRD Agent) encrypt the data which is exchanged between them but in order to do so, they use the PHP serialize/unserialize functions instead of the json_encode/json_decode combination. As the unserialize function is called on unauthenticated content, this introduces a PHP object injection vulnerability.


Install the latest version:

Reported By: Fixed By: Coordinated By: 
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Media - Critical - Remote Code Execution - SA-CONTRIB-2018-020

Drupal Contrib Security - Wed, 25/04/2018 - 18:23
Project: MediaVersion: 7.x-2.18Date: 2018-April-25Security risk: Critical 18∕25 AC:Basic/A:User/CI:All/II:All/E:Theoretical/TD:AllVulnerability: Remote Code ExecutionDescription: 

The Media module provides an extensible framework for managing files and multimedia assets, regardless of whether they are hosted on your own site or a third party site.

The module contained a vulnerability similar to SA-CORE-2018-004, leading to a possible remote code execution (RCE) attack.


Install the latest version:

  • If you use the Media module for Drupal 7.x-2.x, upgrade to Media 7.x-2.19
Coordinated By: 
  • Dave Reid the module maintainer and member of the Drupal Security Team
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